Peleg To Protest Opposite Home Of “Criminal” MK Maklev


The “Kol Milchama” automated phone calls were working hard on Wednesday afternoon, announcing yet another protest, this time against “criminal” Degel Hatorah MK Uri Maklev, set to take place outside his Jerusalem home.

Emails sent during the day attack not just Maklev, but “the criminal [Deputy Minister Meir] Porush”. In the automated phone message, terms including “criminal” and “betrayer of neshamos” were used against Maklev by those aligning with the extreme faction, who blame chareidi MKs of selling Torah Jewry out with the legislation of the new draft law.

Of late, Degel faction chairman MK Moshe Gafne has been physically attacked by these extremists, who also protested outside his Bnei Brak home. He has been labeled “traitor” and “murderer” by these extremists.

The protest begins at 8:15PM on Wednesday night outside the MK’s Ramot Daled home in the capital.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. as a person who has had the opportunities to meet several MK’s, Maklev is probably the only one who is more concerned with others and humble and courteous than anyone.

    Peleg and the crap who teach them should be banned from call yeshiva men and no state or private money given to those who pervert the words of the sages and gedolim.

  2. Davidthekanoi,
    The reason those politicians were elected is to improve, לתיקוני שדרתיך,
    Those protesters don’t have a better way to sort things out, that’s why they’re protesting
    They have a legitimate reason to go out & voice their opinion, so long they keep their cool down