VIDEO: Former Health Minister Slams Litzman; Says He Talks But There Is No Action, & Busy With National Politics



Former Health Minister (Yesh Atid), who served in the previous 19th Knesset, Yael German, told the Knesset Channel on Tuesday, 27 Tammuz that Deputy Health Minister (Yahadut Hatorah) Yaakov Litzman talks a great deal, but does very little. She accuses him of busying himself with “national politics”, including the draft law and events in Arad, instead of the nation’s crumbling health system.

German explains that funds intended for the nation’s pubic hospitals, to reduce the unacceptably long lines for appointments, are instead being allocated to private hospitals. The former minister explains the public hospitals are crumbling under the load, while Litzman goes on with business as usual.

She relates to an anti-smoking bill that was frozen on Monday, citing that 8,000 Israelis die annually and Litzman is concerned with politics.

The Knesset Channel host explained Litzman is a member of a sectoral party, and therefore, he is responsible to his constituents, but German explained this is not an acceptable excuse as he functions as Health Minister and is responsible for the healthcare system of the entire nation, not a specific sector.

Interestingly, on Monday, Litzman announced his latest ultimatum, that if the draft law controversy is not resolved in the coming week, he will resign his post.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is because of her jealousy

    She got absolutely NOTHING done when she was health minister and Litsman has done alot – and even Secular israelis agree

    So now she has to attack him