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Tehillim Needed For Victim Of Major Accident Near Beit Shemesh

hatzolah israel.jpgHatzolah Israel tells YWN that there has just been a very bad head-on collision on Route 38, at the junction of Route 1 – leaving the son of a prominent, well-known Rosh Yeshiva fighting for his life. The son of Rav Moshe Goldstein Shlita, Rosh Yeshiva Sha’arei Yosher in Har Nof, has been taken by Medevac to Ein Kerem Hospital where he was listed R”L in grave condition.

Dozens of Hatzolah Israel volunteers, and MDA ambulances were needed to treat the 13 injured victims – from both cars – packed with Frum families. One person is in serious condition, four are listed in moderate to serious condition, and seven light to moderate. The ages range from 6 months to 30 years-old.

tehillim211.jpgPlease be Mispallel for Yosef ben Gittel. [Click on image to ENLARGE]

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  1. Can you please post kapitul Tehillim like there usually is with the article so we have it without having to look for it, instead of having the Hatzala Yisroel picture?

    Editors Note: The Tehillim was added.

  2. which kapitel Tehilim should we say together.Not everyone has a T’hillim ready in front of the computer

  3. rav moshe goldstein is one of the great tzadikim of the generation. as rosh yeshiva of sharei yosher, he has been mekariv our frum children from the best of homes and putting them on their feet. what he has done for the tzibur in the last 25 years is just unbelievable. plus the fact he is one of the great talmedie chachamim as shown on his work on the ritvah on mesechta eiruvin . please have his children in mind in your tefilos and tehilim.

    v’nishmartem meod lnafshosaichem! Hashem yismor!!!
    Refuah shleima, May we only hear besuros toivos!

  5. The name is Yosef Shlomo ben Gittel. There are signs posted all over the place here (where he lives). We just had about a 90 minute tehillim session with hundreds of people. The mara d’asra said that it seems HKBH wants a korbon, and if we are moser a litte to Hashem, to give him something that is difficult for us, to be mechazek in something, be it bein adam lamakom or chaveiro, in the zchus of that, hopefully hashem will accept out korbon and leave our friend and neighbor… refuah shleima

  6. his name is yosef shlomo ben gitel (add in shlomo) his wife that was in the car is alright he had a oppeeration on shabbos in his hed but is still not good at all please daven!

  7. the second car in the crash was also a charedi guy from beit shemesh also doing very bad i do not know what is his name yet but u could say thilim with no name and just have kavana for the second guy i hope i will get the name soon refua shlaima

  8. His wife is not OK, though not as badly off as he is. Her name is Sarah bas Yehudis Chaya Hindl Tzirel. All of their wonderful children are also hospitalized. The other family’s names for Tehillim are: Eliyahu ben Rochel, Penina bas Sharona, bsoch shear cholei amo Yisrael.
    The Goldsteins are a wonderful, Torahdik family, both prominent mechanchim who have built a beautiful bayis ne’eman. Please do everything you can to save this precious household.

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