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Hatzolah Israel Opens New Branch In Sderot

hatzolah sderot.jpgA new branch of Hatzolah Israel was established last week in Sderot. Seven volunteers that were trained by Magen David Adom joined the Hazolah Israel family.

Members of the city council, Rabbis, representatives of Chabad in Sderot, head of Hatzolah Israel, donors, and members of the media were present at the ceremony. Also the head of logistics for all the equipment from Hatzolah Israel, Yaakov Goldhaver, the head of the ambucycles, Azriel Weiss, and the head of all the volunteers of Hatzolah Israel, Eliyahu Gotlevsky, were present.

The paramedics received equipment including resuscitation equipment, glucometers to measure blood sugar, communication equipment (mirs), bullet-proof vests, and helmets.

Rav Yaakov Friedman who arrived from Moscow said, “when I saw and heard about the kassam rockets that kept hitting Sderot recently, I cried for a long time. I decided I had to do something.”

David Greenwald, head of Hatzolah Israel spoke at the ceremony. He said that Hatzolah Israel is continuing to expand. He plans to establish more branches all over the south and specifically in the areas close to Gaza.

Rav Zev Moshe Pizam, the manager of the Chabad House in Sderot also spoke at the ceremony which took place in the local Chabad House. He was happy to host the ceremony and felt that this will certainly help to save lives in this city that is constantly attacked by kassam rockets.

Yosi Yifrach, one of the managers of the “moked artzi” the national transmission line of Hatzolah Israel, explained how to use the mirses, the new communication equipment. He also explained how the “moked artzi” operates.

The new volunteers expressed their thanks to David Greenwald, head of Hatzolah Israel, and to the generous donors, both for the new equipment that they received and for the opportunity they were given to help save lives in Sderot.

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