New Poll Shows Ofir Berkowitz in the Lead in the Jerusalem Mayoral Race


A new poll reveals that in the Jerusalem mayoral race, Ofir Berkowitz maintains a lead against the chareidi candidate, Deputy Mayor Yossi Deutsch.

A new survey conducted by the Mano Geva Institute and Dr. Mina Tzemach states that the chairman of the Hisorarus party, Ofir Berkowitz, continues to lead the race for mayor of Jerusalem with 26.9%, only two weeks after entering the race. Minister Ze’ev Elkin was third with 25.1% and Moshe Leon in fourth place with only 11.1%. The other candidates Yossi Chavilov, Avi Salman and Rachel Azaria are far behind with only a few percent.

The poll also determined that if the elections had been held today and the second round would have to take place, there would be a runoff election between Berkowitz and Deutsch. The poll shows Berkowitz emerges the winner with 54% to Deutsch’s 46%.

The poll was taken in the beginning of August, including 519 registered Jerusalem Jewish voters.

The poll also shows that 85% of the voters’ place great importance to preserving the character of Jerusalem as a diverse city that enables different populations to live side by side. In addition, 71.8% of respondents expressed opposition to political deals.

Chairman of the Hisorarus party, Ofir Berkowitz: The Jerusalem public continues to prove that it is not moved by political dilemmas and askanim. The survey shows that the Jerusalemites continue to choose the only Jerusalem candidate who represents the Zionist majority and the religious Zionist in the city. It’s time to unite. I call on Chavilov, Salman and Azariah to stop gambling on the future of Jerusalem and to unite with me. Together we will bring victory. Together we will preserve Jerusalem for all of us.

Deutsch still awaits decisions from both Degel Hatorah and Shas to determine if they will support his candidacy. Kikar Shabbos News reports there are different opinions in Degel; citing the party’s Vaad Rabbonim seems to favor supporting Deutsch, while leaders in the national party are inclined to announce their support for candidate Moshe Leon.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)