PHOTOS: The Man the Left-Wing Hopes is Forgotten: Will He Return Before the Next Knesset Elections?



Most remember retired IDF Brigadier-General Gal Hirsch as the officer who bore the brunt of the blame of the IDF failures during the Second Lebanon War. For those who do not subscribe to the left-wing propaganda but prefer to delve into the facts and investigate what really occurred, it is clear he became the scapegoat for the IDF’s failures instead of Major-General Udi Adam, the IDF Northern Commander during the war, whose failures were nothing less than colossal.

The reason is simple; Hirsch is politically right-wing, which does not sit well with the high-level decision makers, especially with the left-wing government that was in charge during the war. A current day example would be Brigadier-General Ofer Winter, whose promotions over recent years have been held up due to being not only right-wing, but Shomer Shabbat.

To remind readers, the failures of that war were many, compelling the resignation of Defense Minister (Labor) Amir Peretz, and Chief of Staff Dan Halutz. Halutz, a former air force commander, became the first member of the air force to be appointed as chief of staff, an appointment that requires an additional discussion, for as feared and proven correct, the former air force commander was clueless as to the operations of the ground forces and other branches of the military. His dismal performance was evident by the outcome of that war. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert managed to have the blame placed on Halutz, Peretz and Hirsch, saving his own political career.

Nevertheless, Hirsch became the name appearing in newspaper headlines. The former high-ranking officer in charge of the Galil became the fall guy for the failures of others.

Following his retirement from the IDF, after his family, his dignity and his integrity were trampled though the mud, Hirsh was tapped by Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan to become the next commander of Israel Police. This was back in 2015. As is the case regarding the investigation against Minister Aryeh Deri, as reported by Channel 10 News on Sunday night, the eve of 2 Elul 5778, the word was given to immediately find dirt on Hirsch to sabotage his appointment. The move by Erdan came at a time when no less than seven top-ranking officers in the department, all could have been candidates for the top post, quit or retired due to the investigations against them for their immoral and/or criminal behavior. Nevertheless, the media and police top brass shouted, “How can you appoint an outsider?” Erdan was aware that Hirsch, a man of impeccable character and integrity would clean out the department!

Despite the fact that it was later learned there was no evidence of any criminal activity against Hirsch, the left-wing media bashing continued until he announced he is withdrawing his candidacy to become the police chief. Hirsch and his family had endured enough pain and suffering via the media following the Second Lebanon War and he decided to withdraw his name and return to his private life.

The statements made by retired Israel Police Assistant Commissioner Gay Nir this week regarding the Deri case apply here too, and this is the point. Ultimately, Erdan appointed another outsider to the post, Police Chief Alshich, who was then serving as Deputy Director of the Shin Bet.

At present, Hirsch does not interview with any media or any agency. He remains quite popular however. He continues serving as partner in Defensive Shield Holdings LTD. and many are hopeful that he will permit himself to be persuaded by the growing number of supporters and admirers to enter the political scene ahead of the next Knesset elections. Despite the media assassination, many know Hirsch as a young man who gave his heart and soul for his nation, serving with dignity and becoming a highly regarded and decorated officer, until it was decided to make him the fall guy for the malfeasance of those around him.

As explained on his website, Hirsch spearheaded Israel’s fight against terror for 34 years in all fronts as a commander of several elite units and as a field officer. He is a decorated soldier were his overt activities are well known and highly acclaimed in the security circles in Israel and its allies. Hirsch is a senior fellow at ICT (International Institute for Counter Terrorism), holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and BA (with honors) in Middle East studies from Bar Ilan University. He is the author of “War Story Love Story” (2009), Defensive Shield (2016) and professional publications in the areas of leadership and military doctrine.

Some are already speculating, stating if he joins the ranks of Bayit Yehudi, the dati leumi party will grow significantly, most likely at the expense of the Likud. Another possible home for him is Likud. It remains to be seen if Hirsch decides to renter the public arena, which in the past attacked him mercilessly, albeit, without justification.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Facebook & מאיר אזולאי)