MEASLES OUTBREAK SPREADS: 8 Bochurim in Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim Hospitalized; Baadatz Urges Vaccinations


Health Ministry officials in Israel and around the world are concerned with the increasing spread of the measles, the likes of which we have not seen in many years.

More than 1300 people have been sickened in Israel, and an unvaccinated 18-month-old child was R”L killed.

Thee outbreak has spread to the Frum communities in the New York / New Jersey area, including Monsey, New Square, Williamsburg and Lakewood, where the so-called anti-vaxxers are under fire for endangering the other members of the community, those who comply with guidelines and have had themselves and children vaccinated.

On Tuesday, 28 Marcheshvan, eight bochurim from the Mir Yeshiva were hospitalized, diagnosed with the measles. This includes local bochurim and some from overseas. Medical personnel arrived at the yeshiva on Tuesday morning and the dining hall was converted to a medical clinic as bochrim were vaccinated. (as can be seen in the photos attached above and below) Vaccinations were given to local and bochrim from abroad learning in Mir.

Rabbi Dr. Menachem Chaim Breyer, Deputy Medical Director of Bnei Brak’s Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital and a representative of the Rabbis for Medical Ethics on Tuesday morning spoke with Kol Chai radio host Betzalel Kahn, seeking to highlight just how worrisome the situation is.

Rabbi Dr. Menachem Chaim Breyer, Deputy Medical Director of Bnei Brak’s Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital

Rabbi Dr. Breyer explained “The fear is not just in Israel, but around world, and while there were 34 documented cases of measles in Israel in 2017, today, there are already 1350 cases in Israel, and that number of climbing. In addition, in one-third of the cases there are medical complications, and the mortality rate in these cases is 1:1000”.

Many are getting vaccinated now, after the outbreak, and Israel’s Health Ministry has launched a major campaign, an effort to educate the tzibur and a call to all whose children are unvaccinated, to come and get vaccinated immediately. Similar cries have been heard in Monsey already, as well as other places.

Rabbi Dr. Breyer explains that while with many viruses if one is exposed, it is not that likely to spread to others. However, he explains the case regarding the measles is not so, since it is very aggressive and if 100 people are exposed to the virus, 90 will become ill as a result so the spread is rapid and worrisome. He mentioned the experts in the Health Ministry are also considering to begin vaccinating the little ones at the age of 9 months instead of today’s norm of one year.

Kol Chai:
Do we know what caused the spread this year, above previous years?

Dr. Breyer:
We don’t know but someone who visited Israel from abroad brought it here. What is certain is the persons who do not vaccinate their children are a major contributory factor and these children infect everyone around them, and anyone they come into contact with.

I have been visiting with Gedolei Yisrael and HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita instructed me to delve into deeper and to bring him information to determine the magnitude of the illness, and recommendations as to what needs to be done.

In a letter released by the Ravaad Eida Chareidis, Rav Sternbuch states specifically it is the responsibility of every father to make certain his children are vaccinated, bringing quotes from Shulchan Aruch citing the matter of שפיחת דמים, causing loss of life. Dr. Breuer told Kol Chai those who do not vaccinate their children are not aware of the damage they are causing and the responsibility they bear for the spread of the illness in proportions that have not been seen in decades.

Kol Chai:
The illness today is primarily in chareidi areas?

Dr. Breyer:
I don’t want to respond right now.

Kol Chai:
This is not speaking ill of any population but simply providing factual information to the chareidi tzibur listening to us now.

Dr. Breyer:
The illness came from a person visiting Israel from abroad but if parents vaccinated their children, we never would have reached the numbers we have today. Why do these people gamble with the lives of their children, after all they [the others] are not hefker.

Rav Sternbuch realizes what is taking place and admitted his is thinking if this possibly demands declaring a day of tefilla or a fast day, so we must realize the magnitude of what we are facing, the spread of the illness as we have not seen in decades. There are almost no reactions to be concerned with and I one again call on parents to have their children vaccinated immediately.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem / Photo Credit: Hospital website)


  1. Amalek has finally figured out a way to target certain groups of frum people. After centuries of persecution, exile, threats of annihilation, and inquisitions a very stubborn segment of our population will succumb to physical pain, suffering, and some fatalities. What we will continue to see Rachmana L’tzlan 1000X is judgments in Shemayim for parents who have violated לִפְנֵ֣י עִוֵּ֔ר לֹ֥א תִתֵּ֖ן מִכְשֹׁ֑ל , murder, and not following the analogy Gemorah (Kiddushin 29a) which clearly writes about a parent’s obligation to teach their child to swim to prevent potential tragedy. Unfortunately tragedy prevention has succumb to Amalek’s tight neck-hold of several stubborn parents.

  2. Another article in YWN deals with the “Horror of the Lev Tahor” cult. And you wonder, what normal Yidden would follow a stupid non-Torah following such as this. And yet you see in some Yidden the same ethical, moral and religious blindness when it comes to getting vaccination.

  3. To clarify:
    these posts and comments are pure motzei shem rah and being utilized by machlokos provoking people.
    There are Gedolei Hatorah that have spoken about the potentially harmful affects of vaccines.
    IN addition, there are many parents of autistic children that have clearly said that the MMR vaccine has caused their child to Become developmentally delayed. How dare a frum jewish person with belief in our torah, chachomim and who are supposed to be rachamanim discount and disregard these suffering parents and make light of these true feelings. I believe that the people that are outspoken and obnoxiously write and voice their views are totally biased, usually because they are receiving money from the local government or have been tainted from sitting in college and hearing kefira and the gimel aveiros chamuros. I know for a fact that a Lakewood school (which is run by a woman whose hashkafos are very week having been thru the cesspool of college) who has no problem or conscious hurting many of the students by publicly embarrassing them! How do we not tremble from embarrassing, hurting and belittling hundreds of shlomei emunay yisroel, many of them being suffering parents of special needs children.??!! Do you really think les din v”les dayan. if you refer to the chofetz chayim on the lav of almonoh vyosom lo sianu he includes (in the beer mayim chayim) that includes all broken yidden. Shame on the people capitalizing on the pain of others and totally disregarding the voice and opinion of other believing jews. you should be thanking hashem that your children are normal and should learn a little mussar to increase your fear of heaven.

  4. Yeshiva World news has one goal. To get more readers. The more inflaming the headline the better. Get more people to read it. like the rest of the news outlets.
    Typical measles is like strept or any other contagious disease. It is not fatal for the average person. Very contagious. Don’t tell me you know people who died from measles because I know many people who died from strep also.
    And how many of these affected were vaccinated? The majority. You guys are making it sound that unvaxxed kids are walking around and spreading disease. Get real. Stop the hate.
    Let people live and make their own decisions.

  5. chaim11211,

    you prove my points.

    What chutzpuh!!

    How dare you speak so brazenly about 2 gedolay hatorah.

    I will be surprised if you dont end up with really big legal trouble later on in life.

  6. josh18, I’m going to do my best to respond to your concerns.
    1. “There are Gedolei Hatorah that have spoken about the potentially harmful affects of vaccines.”…. On the other side of the coin, there are many Gedolei Hatorah that have spoken about the harmful affects and/or fatalities if you stubbornly choose NOT to vaccinate. Are the Gedolei Hatorah that have your opposing view just ‘chopped liver’?
    2. “How dare a frum jewish person with belief in our torah, chachomim and who are supposed to be rachamanim discount and disregard these suffering parents and make light of these true feelings.” Josh, when dealing with sickness and illness, I do not base my recovery on ‘feelings’. There are countless amounts of postings of parents scared of their child becoming ill, pregnant women fearful of becoming sick from an unvaccinated individual, and those that have or had a child very ill or deceased because of a illness. As you said, the feelings are real and true, and there is no need to discount the stories of those affected. If a shul/yeshiva/restaurant says “no (without vaccination)”, then please respect the feelings of the Hanhala, Torah leadership, or ownership. No means no!
    3. “I believe that the people that are outspoken and obnoxiously write and voice their views are totally biased, usually because they are receiving money from the local government or have been tainted from sitting in college and hearing kefira and the gimel aveiros chamuros. ” Josh, I’m trying to be sensible, but enough of this garbage. I’m a middle-aged family man who works a full workweek and manages to pay bills on time. My kids are vaccinated according to the guidelines of the Academy of Pediatrics. I’d love to know where I can get this money that so many anti-vaxxxers are talking about, because we just about break even on our expenses. I’d love to help my shul complete their building campaign by getting in touch with “Big Pharma” for funding. The frum medical doctors and many Rabbonim who advise to vaccinate are certainly not obnoxious or biased, I thought you parade yourself on respecting Gedolei Hatorah? My Rav or the Rabbonim of my city don’t or haven’t “sat in college” like you are mentioning, maybe their years ‘sitting in Chofetz Chaim’ turned them into biased obnoxious Rabbonim??
    4. “I know for a fact that a Lakewood school (which is run by a woman whose hashkafos are very week having been thru the cesspool of college) who has no problem or conscious hurting many of the students by publicly embarrassing them!” Okay, so name those schools. I’m sure YWN will allow a pass on this one, as it’s important to correctly and accurately attain sources and references to all of your points. You must be EXACT and not paraphrase or exaggerate. Like I said before, If a school says “No” it means “No”. I don’t think that’s embarrassing or difficult to understand. Weeks and months of written and verbal notice has been sent to every parent regarding the vaccination policy (as detailed in several YWN articles). Not to go off topic, but if a school wants the family to have no TV in the household, then “No” means “No”—- similar type of case. No embarrassment. Choose the school that appropriately fits your lifestyle —

    Talking about schools in point 4, there is an ongoing lawsuit AGAINST a yeshiva in the Brooklyn Supreme Court because a family doesn’t want to respect the wishes of the hanhala or Rabbonim of the yeshiva. Shalom and Esther Laine are suing Yeshiva Oholei Torah in Brooklyn, NY. That means that time, finances, aggravation, and stress are being placed upon the yeshiva and not devoted preciously to the students who crave a Torah education. Finances which can be used to pay hard-working Rebbeim and teachers. I think that is PLENTY embarrassing to put up with.

  7. Yes
    It’s interesting that the first post brought up amalek-
    We dont believe anything is a coincidence. While they post an article about online hate and antisemitism, they stoke the fire of sinas chinam. Hate outside reflects the hate inside.
    To put jew against jew is unbelievable , one with the measles and another with r”l vaccine injury- For which 3.9 billion has been paid out. Still they say it’s a coincidence-keri, even after the payouts.

  8. @josh18
    While you have many good valid points, I believe all recognized medical professionals advocate for vaccinations, and the majority of poskim and Gedolei Hador or this generation and all previous generations all advocate for vaccinations.
    I know it may be difficult for many people who have suffered due to a variety of problems to accept it, but there is no proof that vaccines are to blame.
    I believe these posts and comments are pure letoeles to help people.

  9. @josh18

    One gadol spoke out on a PERSONAL level about vaccines. No one else. This week a Rosh Yeshiva signed on a group that insists that unvaccinated kids should still be let into Yeshivos. There was never a psak halacha and the da’as rabim clearly stated that families have a chiyuv to get immunized. If you want to follow Toras Chachomim, follow the vast majority of chachomim who state that it is imperative to get vaccinated.

    You and people like you are a danger to other people. Please stay away from shuls, schools, and populated areas in general and make yourself clearly identifiable so that pregnant women, immune compromised people, old people, and infants will not be in danger from your gayva.

  10. “There are Gedolei Hatorah that have spoken about the potentially harmful affects of vaccines.”
    Sometimes human beings have a failing in that they insist on speaking about things in which they have no expertise.

  11. @josh18
    So true, you are absolutely correct in every word.

    The bashing and bezayon of Rabbonim has crossed every red line, these militant fanatics should be ashamed of themselves for degrading and insultiing Rabbonim who don’t agree with their opinion on the matter.
    All this is causing tremendous machlokes and sinas chinam.
    Hating another Jew because he has a different opinion (even if it’s about vaccines) is still sinas chinam!

  12. -josh18

    I totally agree with you. Well said!
    These posts are just fanning the flames of machlokes and causing hatred among yidden.
    All the hate and accusations spilled in the comments will not get anyone to change their opinion and start vaccinating. All they achieve is bitterness and division, not to mention the terrible aveirah of bezayon talmidey chachomim.

  13. Josh18:

    If your emunah and intellect are so compromised (perhaps you had measles as a child) such that you believe a frum yid could not survive “the cesspool of college” than I doubt most readers will have any confidence in the balance of your rant. Yes, there is a small population that has possible issues with certain vaccines but the vast majority of public health officials are unequivocal about getting children vaccinated and the risk to the tzibur from those who don’t . And yes, if the most effective strategy to get at least some of those in denial is to engage in what you call “shaming” than kol hakovod to the shamers (which include many leading rabbonim and askanim).

  14. I thank the b”h still sane, erliche people that was able to recognize my intentions and words.
    I did not post to try to push an agenda nor for any personal gain.
    I post (which was my first) was to try to put a stop to this careless and uncontrollable machlokos, motzei shem rah. hatred and skewed look on many many erliche frum ultra orthodox yidden.
    Rav Miller ZTZ”L, had much worse things to say about the influence and disgusting cesspool of college, I personally was forced to take online masters level courses and must say that the majority if not all the teachings are contrary to torah. I shudder to imagine how a bas yisroel without torah and/or mussar learning cannot be affected. How low have we fallen that this forum is constantly denouncing holy rabbanim, holy bnei torah and suffering people.
    How can anyone dare decide that they are smarter and know better that our gedolim??? Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a, the undisputed godol hador has never ever denounced the parents that do not vaccinate. I can tell you in my opinion those that are most vocal, its the baaly machlokos, baaley loshon harah, and baalay gaavah that are constantly bashing, denigrating and making the tumul to hurt, disparage and negatively hurt many bnei torah that dont vaccinate, where in many instances they saw their own child being affected by the MMR. It is very easy to post and to hurt but asid lytan es hadin. I sure hope your intentions are pure when you have to answer to the ribbono shel oylum after 120 years. I would like to end with a thought, shlomo hamelech was the chochom mkol udom and we see his legacy to us was mishlei, koheles, etc all divrei mussar. We see that a truly smart person is ONLY a person that has yiras shamayim (as the messilas yisharim says han yiras elokim hiy chochma). Its really time to wake up and to call out against this horrible group bashing.

  15. Josh -“There are Gedolei Hatorah that have spoken about the potentially harmful affects of vaccines.”

    Name them!

    “IN addition, there are many parents of autistic children that have clearly said that the MMR vaccine has caused their child to Become developmentally delayed.”

    It was coincidence. It was because of the parents’ genes. But why blame yourselves, when you can blame others?!?

    Do you believe in the Torah? Because Gedoley Psak Hador, like Rav Eliyashuv, said e/o must vaccinate!
    Here’s another one:
    “In a letter released by the Ravaad Eida Chareidis, Rav Sternbuch states specifically it is the responsibility of every father to make certain his children are vaccinated, bringing quotes from Shulchan Aruch citing the matter of שפיחת דמים, causing loss of life”

  16. Thank you Josh18 for the kind words.let me just remind you, all over Shas there is a klal called “rov” if 99.99% of the ppl vaccinate and is proven to have saved countless of lives over decades how can anyone argue that. I have seen first hand people suffering in ways you can’t even imagine. If you would have seen the epidemics any one of these horrible horrible deasease that BH these vaccines have wiped off this earth you would be the first lined up for the vaccine. Ad Kan.
    Again Thank. You again for the kind words and thank you yeshivaworld for all this loshon Hora and hated being spoken. I hope your ratings are threw the roof!!.

  17. Ironic. A portion of the largest yeshiva in the world has been converted into a medical clinic, 8 bachurim/avreichim are in the hospital. Josh goes on a rant about college. About sums it up.

  18. Saying “Rav Chaim Kanievsky never denounced parents who don’t immunize” is a world of a difference from “Is against vaccines”. Many of the Rabbonim who originally were opposed to banning un-immunized children from schools have been mysteriously quiet during this last outbreak when many more Rabbonim, from the Mir Roshei Yeshivos to the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, have banned those kids from chedarim.

    People who are against vaccines are not using any cheshbon, any sevaros, or any logic to determine their opinions. Using logic against them is a fruitless endeavor.

    And @josh18, what’s with the anti-college rant? We are talking about immunizations. I’m not sure where college comes in to play. Mind you, despite what Rav Miller ZT”L has said about colleges, he is only one Rav out of many. Rav Hutner ZT”L himself went to college in a time and place where secular schools were far more dangerous to young Yeshiva bachurim.

    I’m unclear which college courses you were taking that were “contrary to Yiddishkeit”, unless you got a degree in Greek Mythology or something. Is Calculus apikorsus? Would you call Physics 101 meenus? How about basic Biology?

  19. I wouldn’t bother even responding to Josh 18’s mindless rant about avoiding college and/or other forms of education which go beyond the seforim in the shtender in your beis medrash somewhere in Chelm. Many great rabbonim and askanim have successfully completed college and graduate degrees and B’H tens of thousands of young Jewish women are now pursuing advanced education , earning professional degrees so as to earn a good parnassah for their families and serving the needs of the tizbur. Yes, their are some rabbonim who continue to cry Gevalt about college studies but they are in the minority as shown by the much larger numbers who encourage higher education whether in REITS, Stern College or other secular programs. Sure, there are some courses probably left off your college studies but especially in the sciences and health-related studies we need MORE frum young women to get such education and serve the health needs of the community. If Josh 18 wants to keep his kids in a cave and shut them off from the real world, kol hakovod to him…its his right as a parent but I wouldn’t expect many to follow him down his dark hole.

  20. To the pro-vaccine crowd may I ask you a question?

    How old are you guys: even if you are 75 years old you have never witnessed someone getting the measles twice in all of your years.

    That is because you are immune from measles if you had measles and will not catch it again if exposed to someone with measles.
    Yet every vaccinated person is 100% at risk of getting measles if they’re exposed to it despite all their vaccines, that’s what brings about all this fear and hysteria of those who aren’t taking these shots. If it was otherwise the vaccinated wouldn’t fear the unvaccinated.

    I would like to know why this vaccine is still seen as such a must-have when it doesn’t protect you from someone with measles.

    Is this what we call a “vaccine”?
    Ignoring federal data for a moment its real effectiveness is 0 if it can’t shield properly against measles exposures I call it a shoddy product that works poorly.

    This is in contrast to a product like the rabies vaccine which has carried 100% success ratio for 100 years- if someone’s bitten by a sick animal C”V and does nothing they almost 100% will die yet if they get the rabies protocol they almost 100% will survive. This is an example of a great product that works well.

    The measles shot with all its risks is shoddy it only works around others who also had the shot- that’s a joke game of some sort . I’ll name that game the Machlokes-Causer

  21. Yserbius123, let me address your reply and clarify,

    Rav Chaim Kanievsky has refrained from coming out against parents that dont immunize even with tremendous pressure from many individuals trying to have him do that (I know a rav who is extremely close to Rav Chaim Shlit”a).

    Rav CHaim’s silence is very very telling.

    The issue that I strongly believe is that the people that are potsing and blogging which such untold animosity, hatred and scorn are empty, amay aratzim. Lets take an example in Lakewood, where from over 50,000 children, 3-4 children came down with measles (which they are already almost all better) what has happened? Over 125 children are not being let into school (illegally and against halacha)!! Where has this hatred and split come from??? Who made this decision to ostracize part of klal yisroel?? A metzorah is chushuv kmaas because they are not allowed with the rest of the klal. Embarrassing someone braabim is akin to killing someone and the person that did it losses his chelek loolam habbah. WE are talking about chamuros sh’bchamuros and WHO is making these decisions. IN one case which I know it is a lady that has went through “the cesspool of college”, YES, she decides things with you probably would need 72 members of sanhedrin to decide. SO yes, all the very competent college educated, (with minds full of kfira, and totally the opposite of daas torah) are the ones making decisions. THis goes without saying that when it comes to there own relatives they allow them into the schools even though they are not immunized. it seems people are really very leshem shamayim overhere??!!! I wonder what are these peoples intentions when bashing, denigrating and embarrassing parents and children of the “group” that does not giev the MMR vaccine due to having a horrible real life experience where their child was born perfectly normal, verbal and smiling and interactive and after receiving the MMR became autistic. Is it the people that are bashing that are putting up with never having a shabbos meal without having food thrown all over the floor or at the parents, or do they have to contend with going years not being able to sleep more than 2 hours a night because their child is breaking walls, running out of the house or smearing feces on the walls?? What happened to one of the traits of yidden being rachmanim??!! how dare you close your hearts and feeling to these suffering parents and siblings. Do you really think that because your life is normal and you were not tested that you can say and do what you please?? How in heavens name do you discount what hundreds of special needs parents say, for no ulterior motives, in favor of supposed cold science and skewed empirical data. I believe that there will be retribution for hurting this group of tzaddikim and tziddkonious if not in this world then defenetlye in the next world.

  22. Gadolhadorah,

    Truthfully your responses dont warrant any reply as you are obviously a person without any torah and chochma.
    I will respond just so that hopefully my post will not be discounted as is the case when you have to deal with a letz(scoffer). Ltzunos achas docheh meah tochocho.

    I actually am immunized as are my wife and children, furthermore I have gone to college for both bachelors and masters programs. your post is self indicating when you make fun of “kids in a cave and shut them off from the real world” and “go beyond the seforim in the shtender in your beis medrash”. so here you have it, let everyone take note the rabble rousers are the people that are modern-orthordox leaning, conservidox and general amay haaretz with a strong scent of the old time makskilim. Which also explains why they are totally heartless to a group of suffering shlomai emunay yisroel.

  23. Roeh es hanolad there is a simple explanation to your question

    Everyone who has been vaccinated is considered 100% safe and not in danger of contracting the disease -as long as they remain immune
    it is possible but UNLIKELY for someone’s immunity to wear off. It happens very rarely (about 3% of the time) but most people dont usually know if theyre not immune anymore unless they checked their titres.

    Thing is, it usually isnt a problem and we arent worried because we rely on the fact that as a a whole we’re all immunized and herd immunity keeps measles away. So everyone is safe, including the 3% that wore off.

    But now, when enough people dont vaccinate, herd immunity does not work. And we have an epidemic.
    And during an epidemic, those few percent of adults WILL catch it. 9/10 ppl who arent immune and exposed will catch it. Its extremely contagious.

  24. > Roeh S. Hanolad

    Why are you so totally misrepresenting the measles vaccine? Though it has been stated before by many, here we go again.

    We start with the fact that there are those who cannot be allowed to take the vaccine for legitimate medical reasons (examples of legitimate reasons: allergy to ingredients, incompatibility with other necessary medications or specific medical conditions like a compromised immune system).

    Then there are those were the vaccine does not work. They are a SMALL percentage, but still must be considered.

    Then there are those who are too young to take the vaccine – like babies under a certain age.

    Thus all those who can take the vaccine must take the vaccine to provide “herd immunity” so as to protect not only themselves but also those who either legitimately cannot take the vaccine or those few for whom the vaccine does work or for those babies too young to be vaccinated.

    Next there is the matter of culpability of the institution (such as the school). If the school allows non-vaccinated to attend, then first, those in the previous categories are in danger, as they may be in class at the same time or (for those who are immune due to vaccination) may “carry” the disease back to their home where their baby sibling who is too young to be vaccinated will catch the disease.

    Further, if the school allows non-vaccinated to attend then the school in implicitly encouraging, and explicitly providing the opportunity, for non-vaccinated to meet and spread the disease among the non-vaccinated themselves (aside from the problem mentioned previously).

    That makes the school culpable. And those with any vision of reality understands the lunacy of lawsuits – the time will come when the school will be sued for facilitating the spread of the disease.

  25. genya – HOW DARE YOU? Did you not have relatives that died in the holocaust? Are you Jewish? The krumkeit of Baalei machlokes. To all – do your research. It’s the ingredients in vaccines that cause sterility – unfortunately it’s become an epidemic among young bnei Torah. The overwhelming majority of children who get the mumps get over it smoothly within 3-4 days with no lasting harm, but lasting immunity – oh, that’s not what’s reported on the internet? Be smart – don’t be an ideologue.

  26. Genya: it’s November 2018 now and we’re discussing the current measles. I see a change of the topic after my last post and it’s gone to mumps. Mumps too is not how it’s been sold to us and not necessary to fall into the hole of fear the establishment has dug for us. Things are often not the way they initially seemed to be and this is a shining example of such “things”. Now back to measles if I may, Should a child whose parents are pro vaccines come down with measles they’ll rush to the hospital like it’s a gunshot wound it may even make the local paper.
    Should the child of vaccine sceptics come down with measles the child stays home for a week while they bring out that Vitamin A (the body of a child with measles absorbs that vit A like a vacuum cleaner and it greatly lessens the symptoms) After a week of computer games and warm soups or whatever warm healthy food the child was in the mood of its back to school. And with the vitamin A (which the establishment doesn’t tell you about) risk of complications is no longer 1/600 it falls lower then that and each individual case is far less burdensome on the parents too. No reason to be fearful of people who handle such situations better then the rest of us.

  27. > Roeh S. Hanolad

    You are also mis-representing rabies.

    In genaral, rabies is not spread by breathing. Measles can be spread by breathing (at least coughing). Rabies would be in the same boat as measles if it was spread by breathing like measles.

    You cannot legitimately compare two things that spread in such different manner. Further differences are:

    First, the World Health Organization states explicitly: “There is still no treatment available once a patient develops the symptoms of rabies.” Thus the rabies vaccine has very definite limits – it must be administered in a timely manner.

    Second, the rabies vaccine is short-lived. There is no such a thing as a vaccine to give life-long immunity from rabies. Animals are supposed to be vacccinated *every* year – more like a flu shot.

    Third, one knows when has been bitten so one knows when to ask for rabies shot. The rabies virus spreads slowly internally in the body, taking up to a year.

    The vaccine shots are a specific and *lengthy* regime consisting of multiple DIFFERENT kinds of medicines. Some parts aren’t vaccines at all – they are direct pre-made antibodies for imemdiate affect upon being bitten and has to be administered immediately.

    They must all be done correctly or else the patient may not be cured.

    And even in the case of rabies, those with compromised immunity may not be saved by the rabies vaccines. And there are medications as necessary for other medical conditions which may preclude affective rabies treament.

  28. For those receiving the MMR and may have close contact with any pregnant women, please inquire if you can receive only the measles vaccine without rubella, since MMR is a live vaccine and rubella causes birth defects to neonates.

  29. Roeh S. Hanolad, you asked questions. So I will answer them
    1. How old are you guys? 32
    2. Is this what we call a “vaccine”? According to practically every medical academy, plus every physician and community Rav I’ve associated with- Yes, this is what we call a vaccine.
    3. “Ignoring federal data for a moment its real effectiveness is 0 if it can’t shield properly…”— Okay, my question to you is WHY ARE WE IGNORING FEDERAL DATA? Your logic sounds like “Ignoring the 613 mitzvos for a moment, does eating pork really make a difference?”
    4. “This is in contrast to a product like the rabies vaccine which has carried 100% success ratio for 100 years” I’m glad you acknowledge the rabies vaccine. Many anti-vaxxers don’t trust any vaccinations, including the ‘Rabies shot’. Because I think it’s necessary to back up everything with a source, please read up on Louis Pasteur. He was a French biologist, microbiologist and chemist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization. Thousands of lives have been saved.
    5. “The measles shot with all its risks is shoddy it only works around others who also had the shot- that’s a joke game of some sort “. I’m going to ask you without sarcasm or ridicule- Do you have a medical education, medical residency, medical research background, or a medical degree/license? Dr. Josef Schenker, (Medical Director at Centers Urgent Care) does, and he responds differently than you with that final OPINION of yours.

    Roeh S. Hanolad, to conclude if you are looking for a “joke game”, as you describe it, then please take the Atlantic City Expressway to Exit 9, and you’ll find many games to play with. When it comes to saving lives and medically protecting people, I prefer not to play “joke games”. Thank you.

  30. (illegally and against halacha)!

    Certainly not against the law, and is mandated by the local departments of health in fact. Halacha, I dont live in lakewood, but clearly a number of rabbonim have asked those who are not vaccinated not to enter their shuls, and for all we know instructed their mispallelim who run schools to do the same, so it may not be unanimous psak, but it is not simply shot from the hip as they say.

  31. The ocean county health department has just released a letter stating unvaccinated children are not to be excluded from school. Lack of vaccines is not a reason for school exclusion.

    It was a direct response to Dr Shanik’s letter to exclude unvaccinated children from school.

    It beats be why the our community is being frummer then the health Dept with rabbanim having written letters forbidding unvaccinated persons from coming to Shul. Our community has gone crazy!

  32. Roeh es Hanoled, the Health Department was actually the ones that advised mosdos to prohibit unvaccinated children from attending school to contain the spread of measles.