Betar Mayor Rubinstein Is Moichel All Who Were Against Him; Drops Libel Suit


Not too long after his major victory in the mayoral race in Betar, a race in which the force of the opposition has been curtailed, Mayor Meir Rubinstein announced he is dropping his libel lawsuit against members of the opposition.

It was a stormy election campaign, during which Rubinstein was targeted in a blog run by opposition members, leveling harsh accusations against him.

He announced on Wednesday morning he is pulling the lawsuit as he is moichel everyone, citing the results of the election that the attempts to besmirch his name were unsuccessful and not it is time to open a new page. He added he is now mispallel that this will the case and sholom will once again return to the city.

The libel lawsuit was for a million shekels against oppositionists Menachem Zeida, Uri Holtzman and those close to them in response to the blog they were running during the election.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)