HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? Israel Accepts Ceasefire After Hamas Fires 450+ Rockets

Damage from a rocket that struck a house in Ashkelon


Hamas and other Gaza terror groups said Tuesday they have accepted an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire after launching hundreds of rockets into Israel over the past 25 hours, and receiving a retaliatory wave of punishing Israeli airstrikes.

A statement by the Gaza groups said: “Egypt’s efforts have been able to achieve a ceasefire between the resistance and the Zionist enemy. The resistance will respect this declaration as long as the Zionist enemy respects it.”

There was no official word from Israel on whether it had accepted a deal to halt the heaviest exchange of fire with Gaza’s Hamas rulers since a 2014 war, although the Times of Israel quoted an unnamed “senior Israeli diplomatic official” that the ceasefire agreement has been reached.

[VIDEOS/PHOTOS: Protests in Sderot, Celebrations in Gaza Following Israel’s Ceasefire With Hamas]

An Israeli Security Cabinet official said that at the moment, everything depends on recent developments on the ground, and whether Hamas and the Islamic Jihad will cease fire. According to a senior Israeli official, “the situation is very fluid and sensitive, the chances for a cease-fire are 50:50. One mortar shell can change the entire picture.”

Following a six-hour Cabinet meeting that concluded just before the Hamas announcement, an official said it had ordered the IDF to “continue operations as needed. Israel maintains its right to act. Requests from Hamas for a ceasefire came through four different mediators”, the official added.

The terms of the deal appeared to be modest. Daoud Shehab, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad, said each side would promise quiet in exchange for quiet.

The fighting was triggered by a botched Israeli undercover raid into Gaza late Sunday, in which seven Palestinian terrorists and a high-ranking Israeli officer were killed. International mediators have appealed for restraint, hoping to avert another war.

Gaza terrorists launched some 460 rockets into areas of Southern Israel. A direct hit on a building in Ashkelon killed a man and critically wounding two women. An IDF soldier was critically wounded in a direct hit on an IDF bus near the Gaza border. (The other soldiers had miraculously gotten often just a minute before.)

Mahmoud Abu-Asbeh, 48

The casualty was identified as Mahmoud Abu-Asbeh, 48. A woman in her 40s, was found critically injured beside him.

Abu-Asbeh was a Palestinian from Halhoul, (near Chevron) working in Israel (possibly illegally). He spent all week in Israel, returning home to his wife and 6 kids on the weekends.

His cousin Jihad Abu Asbeh called it a “big shock” and says the entire village is sad. He says it was “God’s will and there’s nothing we can do about it.”
Another woman, in her 60s, was critically wounded in the attack on the building.


IDF posts “graphic footage” from the scene in Ashkelon:

Close to 100 others were moderately or lightly injured. B’chasdei Hashem, most of the wounded have been discharged from hospitals and are recuperating at home, for those whose home was not damaged. The victims who are hospitalized are being treated in Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Israel said it has struck some 160 terror targets in Gaza, including destroying Hamas’ TV station. Three other buildings believed to be connected to Hamas were destroyed, it said. 7 Palestinian terrorists were killed, and at least 25 wounded.


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Earlier Tuesday, the armed wing of Hamas threatened to step up its attacks and fire rockets further north toward the Israeli cities of Ashdod and Beersheba if Israel continued its airstrikes.

The spokesman for the Hamas military wing, identified only as Abu Obeida, said the deadly attack on the coastal city of Ashkelon showed the city “has entered the range of fire as a response to the bombing of buildings in Gaza.” He said Ashdod and Beersheba “are the next targets if the enemy continues bombing civilian buildings.”

School was cancelled in large parts of southern Israel and a local election was postponed because of the threat of further attacks.

An IDF spokesman said the army has enhanced its deployment along the Gaza border but has yet to call up reserves. He said Gaza terror groups were believed to have an arsenal in excess of 20,000 rockets and mortars of different caliber and range.


9:00PM IL: Protests in Sderot, Celebrations in Gaza Following Reported Ceasefire – SEE MORE HERE:

Israel Reportedly Agrees To Ceasefire 7:55PM

IDF Says 460 Rockets Fired Into Israel 6:29PM:

According to information released by the IDF Spokesperson, more than 460 rocket were fired at southern Israel in just 25 hours. The Iron Dome intercepted more than 100, and the vast majority landed in open fields. Dozens landed inside populated areas, with some striking homes. One person was killed, and dozens more injured. The Air Force has retaliated by striking more than 160 terror sites inside Gaza.

PM Netanyahu: There is no political solution to Gaza as there is no diplomatic solution to ISIS 6:00PM

Tweet from left-wing MK (Machane Tzioni) Merav Michaeli: The hourglass turns again until the next round. For years, Netanyahu has been telling us that there is no political solution in Gaza. He leads us time after time to a vicious cycle that returns without any achievement. Instead of reaching an arrangement, he prefers to pay for protection and endure rocket attacks. The time has come for a political settlement in Gaza not with Hamas but with the PA with the support of the moderate Arab states.

IDF Spokesman: A probe will be conducted into tank attack against the bus 5:57PM
IDF Commander of Ground Forces, Major-General Kobi Barak announced that a committee has been appointed to examine the conduct of soldiers involved in the anti-tank rocket attack against a bus, in which one soldier sustained serious injuries. The attack occurred at the IDF Black Arrow monument.

UNBELIEVABLE: Trucks with goods continued entering Gaza today! 5:50PM
According to Walla News military analyst Amir Bohbot, no less than 445 trucks carrying goods for Gazans crossed into Gaza today, via the Kerem Shalom Crossing, as Israelis were running for their lives. The report quotes “sources in the IDF Southern Command”.

PM Netanyahu Speaks with French President Macron 5:45PM
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today, 5 Kislev, spoke by phone with French President Emmanuel Macron thanking him for his hospitality in Paris and apologizing for his early departure. Prime Minister Netanyahu told President Macron that Israel is implementing its right to defend itself against terrorists attempting to harm Israeli citizens. The Prime Minister said that the international community should continue its efforts against Iranian aggression.

Statement from the IDF Spokesman 5:43PM
During the course of Hamas’ terrorist campaign against the State of Israel, the Iron Dome defense system intercepted over 100 launches at this time, out of approximately 460 launchings identified from Gaza launched towards Israel

So far, our forces have attacked about 160 terrorist targets belonging to the various Hamas-affiliated terrorist organizations and the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip, including four unique terrorist assets.

Cabinet: No major operation at this time 5:37PM
Chadashot News is reporting the Security Cabinet has decided there will not be any major military operation, as efforts towards restoring calm will continue. They are also reporting the word from al-Jazeera is that a ceasefire agreement has been reached.

Father of seriously injured soldier demanding a probe 5:10PM
The father of the seriously injured IDF soldier, the victim of the rocket attack against the bus, wants to know “why they were there” and is demanding an official probe.

Security Cabinet: We will continue responded as required 4:50PM
Security Cabinet Statement: The Security Cabinet, today, (Tuesday, 13 November, 2018) discussed events in the south. The Cabinet was briefed by the IDF and security officials about the attacks and the extent of operations against the terrorists in Gaza. The Security Cabinet instructed the IDF to continue its operations as necessary.

Sirens continue sounding in many areas in S. Israel. In a related matter, PA Chairman Abu Mazen has curtailed his visit in Kuwait and is returning to Ramallah tonight.

Speaking to News10, opposition leader MK Tzipi Livni repeats what she said yesterday, that the suitcases of money to Gaza from Qatar do not seem to have helped the situation. She is referring to the $15 million Israel permitted Qatar to infuse into Gaza, cash, to pay Hamas salaries.


KAN11 News reports that Islamic Jihad sources are reporting efforts to reach a ceasefire continue. There are no official Israeli responses and we await and announcement following day-long Security Cabinet consultations.

In the meantime, sirens are sounding in the Kissufim area.

Residents demanding a serious blow to Hamas to end rocket fire
A growing number of Gaza area residents are calling for a major operation to bring an end to these unacceptable rounds of warfare, and then so-called ceasefire and permitting Hamas to continue to run their lives.

The Security Cabinet on Wednesday, 5 Kislev, moved up its planned afternoon meeting to 9:00AM after realizing the extent of the increase in Hamas attacks, which continued throughout the night, and during the early morning hours. The fighting resulted in the closure of schools along the Gaza border, as well as many other areas, including the capital of the Negev; Beersheva, and cities including Gadera, Ashkelon and Ashdod.

The air force continued pounding terrorist targets in Gaza during the night, which consisted for the most part of empty buildings and Hamas-affiliated training sites and facilities. IDF spokesman unit officials added that targets also included facilities affiliated with the Islamic Jihad, as well as a major weapons storage facilty in the Khan Yunis area of Gaza; a military facility in Zeitoun; and a weapons manufacturing facility in Sheikh Umdan. In addition, the naval forces attacked a vessel belonging to the Hamas naval force at Ma’agan Nuseirat in southern Gaza. In all, the IDF Spokesman’s Office reports over 100 terrorist targets were hit.

Home in Netiv HaAsarah sustains direct hit
A home in Netiv HaAsarah sustained a direct hit a short time ago, as four or five 60mm rockets were launched in that wave, striking the roof of one home. B”H no one was home. The owner was in his field, as he is a farmer. He heard the ‘bang’ and believed a home was hit, heading back to the homes and realized it was his. B”H the damage is relatively light.

Chabad is Operating in Southern Israel 4:05PM
It did not take long and after the anti-tank rocket struck the bus which was carrying chareidi soldiers a minute earlier, a Chabad Mitzvah Tank headed to the area and began working with the soldiers who were on the bus, as well as others.


Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem invites Gaza residents 3:49PM
In light of the situation in the south and in the Gaza vicinity communities, the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem invites residents of the area to enjoy a free entrance to the museum, where the international exhibition “On the Edge” is displayed.

From a guided tour of the interactive exhibits such as a group electric roulette (pictured) walking on a tightrope, a scientific demonstration, the Ouch building workshop, and a unique Helmets exhibition, a collaboration between the museum and students from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Entrance is free of charge when showing one’s identity card proving one’s address.

Hamas official tells Gal Berger that reports of a ceasefire are not true.

Updates from Soroka and Barzilai Hospitals 3:40PM

The IDF soldier who was serious wounded when Hamas fired an anti-tank rocket at a bus remains unconscious, on a respirator, and listed in serious condition in an ICU. The family urges the tzibur to daven for him, Shoval Michael ben Michal bsoch cholei am yisrael.

The officer injured in the Gaza operation continues to show signs of improvement and has been conscious since Monday. He remains in an ICU for observation however.

A number of others remain, all with light injuries.

A total of 90 of rocket attacks have been treated since 5:00PM Monday. Most with light injuries Baruch Hashem.

The seriously injured woman who they believe is about 60 remains unidentified. Due to her condition, she has been transferred to Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Another person in moderate condition remains hospitalized, as is the case with a few people with light injuries.

Security Cabinet still meeting 3:33PM
KAN11 News reports that the Israeli response to the Gaza-announced 3:30PM ceasefire is that the IDF will continue responding to attacks. In addition, no one in an official capacity appears aware of the so-called ceasefire. The Security Cabinet continues convening at this time.

Last round before 3:30 ceasefire? 3:26PM
Sirens sounding in the Gaza border area, Avim, Gavim, Sapir College, Nir Am, Sapirim Industrial Park, Sderot, and the Shar HaNegev Industrial Park.

Rockets strike the Yad Mordechai area 3:19PM
There are no immediate reports of injuries.

A direct hit to a home in the Ashkelon Coast Council region. No injuries.

Talks of a ceasefire on the one hand, but as seen, the rocket fire continues.

Israel’s enemies continue the propaganda war

Gaza announces a ceasefire 3:05PM
KAN News correspondent tweets that news from Gaza announces a ceasefire beginning at 3:30PM, in 25 minutes. No official Israeli response at this time.

Sirens sounding in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council 2:06PM

President Rivlin Visits Netivot
President Reuven Rivlin today visited Netivot following the recent escalation of the security situation in the south.

The president began his visit at the emergency operations center in the city where he received briefings from those responsible for maintaining normal daily life: IDF Homefront Command, rescue services, security services and social services.

Mayor Yechiel Zohar told the president about how buildings are protected in the city and about the events of the last 24 hours. “There is no substitute for listening to the orders of the IDF Homefront Command”, he emphasized. “There is excellent coordination between all the emergency services in the city and we are improving it all the time.”

The president also heard details about the work of the psychological and mental support service in the city, and the help given to children and the population as a whole after yesterday’s missile launches.

The president offered his support to the people of Netivot and the area and said, “we are all under attack, under fire whose aim is to disrupt our daily life. Your strength give us all strength. I have said in the past and I will continue to say, the area around Gaza is the whole of Israel. When the sirens are screaming here, we hear them in our hearts in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and all over the country.”

President Rivlin continued, “We are strong and derive strength from each other. Our strength comes from standing together, responsible for each other and identifying with each other. We are all together in this conflict, and we need to trust the commanders of the IDF who are leading us with courage, confidence, clarity and responsibility.”

“We must give the political and military leadership the breathing room and space to lead us in this conflict. Our responsibility is for the safety of our citizens and the routine of daily life, and then the safety of our soldiers. That responsibility is uppermost in our minds now and in the future,” he added.

The president then visited one of the shelters in the town and met residents of Netivot, including old people and babies, where he repeated his appeals to follow the IDF’s orders: “Forget about photos. There are plenty of people whose job that is. I ask you to get into a protected space and keep safe.”

Photos by Mark Neiman, GPO

It is pointed out that some of the homes in the Malchei Yisrael neighborhood of Netivot were hit hard last night, sustaining significant damage. This neighborhood is home to many, primarily older residents, and the structures are old and do not have safe rooms of shelters, and there are no community shelters. The residents simply lie down and daven, with no where to run or hide.

Sirens sounding once again 2:00PM
Sirens are now sounding in Yad Mordechai and Netiv HaAsarah

Ramallah organizing a rally in support of brethren in Gaza 1:47PM
News10 correspondent Uri Shabi reports Ramallah officials are organizing a major rally to begin at 4:30PM in support of their brethren in Gaza.

Rocket strikes a kindergarten in the Shar HaNegev area 1:45PM
A rocket fired from Gaza struck a kindergarten located in the Shar HaNegev Regional Council.

Cabinet minister increases assistance for Gaza area residents
News10 reports that Minister of Labor & Social Affairs (Likud) Chaim Katz, decided to reinforce assistance teams for residents of the Gaza and southern communities: “I am strengthening the residents of the confrontation line, and the professionals in the offices are acting in an effort to ease the tension and anxiety and provide the maximum assistance to the residents. We are relying on the IDF and the security forces to quickly restore the routine and quiet”.

Residents oust left-wing MKs from Sderot 1:30PM
It was not a warm welcome for MKs from the left-wing Meretz opposition party in Sderot, as tens of residents shouted at them, accusing them of being worse than Hamas.

Soldier wounded on bus bombed by Gaza remains serious 1:12PM
The 19-year-old IDF soldier wounded on the bus targeted in a Hamas anti-tank rocket attack on Monday remains serious. He was operated on during the night and remains in an intensive care unit, sedated and on a respirator. His name for tefilos is Shoval Michael ben Michal bsoch cholei am yisrael.

Significant Improvement in the condition of the wounded IDF soldier 1:11PM
According to officials in Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, the IDF officer wounded in the undercover operation deep in Gaza on Monday is showing “significant improvement”. He is now conscious, alert, breathing and B’chasdei Hashem, recovering from his serious injuries.

Gaza residents get a break at the Jerusalem Botanical Garden 1:02PM
About 120 residents and children from the Gaza and southern communities arrived at the botanical garden this morning and enjoyed workshops, a train ride and a tour of the botanical garden, which is now in its heyday, a spectacular blooming of crocuses and a lot of peace and quiet.

Entry to the residents of the Gaza perimeter, Ashkelon, Sderot, Netivot, Beersheva area and the Dead Sea is free of charge with one presenting one’s ID card to validate one’s address.

The Director of the Botanic Garden, Tom Amit said, “I invite all the residents of the South to come and relax in this magical place in the heart of Jerusalem”.

Sirens sound in various areas. 12:56PM
Sirens are sounding in the Kissufim, Nirim and Gaza border areas.

Israel suspends cease-fire talks
After 400 rockets have been fired at Israel in the past 24 hours and 150 IDF retaliatory attacks in Gaza, Israel decided not to conduct a dialogue with the various mediators on calm.

The video shows cabinet members arriving earlier today at the Security Cabinet meeting to discuss the situation.

Rockets land in the area of Kibbutz Shar HaNegev 12:43PM
No injuries or damage reported.

Sirens sounding 11:27AM
Sirens sounding in Gaza border communities and Kissufim

Chasenah moved from Netivot to a new venue
Tzuriel and Hodayah have been planning their chasenah for months, and it was set for last night, Monday night, but the resumed warfare from Gaza created a new most unwanted reality for the young couple.

The began heading to the Netivot wedding hall, but at a single moment, everything they worked so hard to plan changed as an anti-tank rocket struck a bus, followed by Israel’s military response.

B’chasdei Hashem, within a very short time period, dozens of volunteers stepped forward and began moving all of the food and required equipment from the hall to Moshav Beit HaGadi, a religious moshav near Netivot. The chasenah was held in the moshav shul. A special atmosphere prevailed as the guests and volunteers worked hard to provide an atmosphere of simcha for the chosson and kallah.

Members of the Netivot Councilman Yisrael Chaniyah, who was among the invited guests, told Yediot that he received a call for assistance at 5:30PM on Monday, hearing the nervous voice from persons seeking a solution for the couple. He explained he thought of the shul on the moshav, and in a short time, he did what was required to get the approval for the move and the wedding was held after the authorization was given.

Report of IAF targeting terrorists in Shajaia 11:23AM
The following video from Arab media sources is reportedly persons running as the IAF is targeting terrorists in Shajaia in Gaza. Three rocket-launching teams are being targeted. Gazan sources report one dead and three wounded.

Sirens sounding 11:21AM
Sirens are now sounding in Gaza border communities, Nirim, Ein HaShloshah, Chulit, Nir Yitzchak and Sufah.

Magen David Adom update 11:05AM
Since yesterday (Monday) 16:30 until 11:00 (Tuesday), Magen David Adom teams are on the highest alert and have treated in the Shaar HaNegev Regional Council, Ashkelon and Sderot a total of 55 injured, including; one 48-year-old killed, three victims in critical condition, (a soldier) from shrapnel over his entire body, and a 60 and a 40-year-old woman, 1 moderately injured, 23 injured lightly from glass shrapnel, blast injuries, smoke inhalation and from running to protected areas. 27 people suffering from stress symptoms have been treated and evacuated as well.

File photo

All of the injured were evacuated to Soroka Hospital in Beersheva (1 critical, 2 stress symptoms) and Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon (2 critical, 1 moderate, 23 lightly injured, 25 stress symptoms).

Throughout the evening the MDA blood services have supplied the hospitals with 120 units of blood and blood components.

Sirens Sounding in many areas 10:36AM
Sirens are now sounding in Yad Mordechai, Netiv HaAsarah, the Gaza border communities, Kibbutz Ohr HaNer and Erez.

Rav Amnon Yitzchak shares his advice regarding Hamas and Israel enemies 10:33AM
He explains “much Torah and acts of chessed” as the best way to protect ourselves against the attacks today.

Noam Peretz of the Avivat Hotel in Tiveria is inviting persons in rocket-fire areas who “have nowhere to go for the time being” to come and remain in the hotel, free of charge. Persons may contact him via WhatsApp at 052-759-6091.

Hazard warning from the Israel Electric Company (IEC) 10:13AM
The Israel Electric Company (IEC) has released a critical reminder to Israelis in light of the cross-border warfare from Gaza against municipalities in southern Israel.
The Electric Company repeatedly emphasizes, that in case of damage to electrical infrastructure in your immediate vicinity, do not touch the torn electric wires due to the risk of electric shock. Such an occurrence should be reported immediately to the Service Center by dialing 103, or to the Israel Police Headquarters by dialing the ‘100’ emergency number, the IEC Facebook page or finally, by using the IEC smartphone app.

IEC employees are prepared to repair the damage and restore regular electricity at any moment. There is no reception at the company’s offices in Ashkelon today.

The Electric Company embraces the residents of the south.

Hamas threatens to come down hard on Ashkelon 10:00AM
In a message circulating via social media, Hamas accuses Israel of using an Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) facility located in the city to target Hamas in Gaza more accurately, and as such, Hamas advises residents of that city to evacuate for their own safety.

Ashkelon City Hall officials damage report to date 10:13AM
City Hall officials have concluded meeting with local IDF Homefront officials. Among those present was Mayor Tomer Galam, senior local officials and representatives of the Homefront Command, the Israel Police, the fire department and MDA.

The following is a summary of events in Ashkelon was released following the meeting:
Six direct hits were identified in buildings and houses throughout the city. Security forces responded to all of them, dealing with them along with an array of other professionals, including welfare, operations, maintenance, and engineering.

Sixty-one residents were lightly injured and 12 suffered from shock, with 1 in moderate condition. Another woman was critically injured and one person was killed.
It should be noted that the mayor, Tomer Galam, came to the various arenas, took a close look at the damage, spoke with the residents who received all the municipal assistance required for such events. The mayor also visited the wounded at the Barzilai Hospital, heard about their conditions and wished them a total recovery.

As is known, studies in Ashkelon are not held today (Tuesday). The directive applies to special education, daycare centers and community centers alike.

All public shelters were opened by the municipality.

The emergency Moked 106 will also be strengthened with additional operators and includes an array of psychologists and social workers to provide a professional and efficient response for the service of the residents in case of an emergency. The anxiety hotline number is 08-6792546.

The Department of Social Affairs and Social Services is working to provide a solution for alternative housing for all those who require such an answer.

There will be no public reception in the city offices.

The Homefront Command’s instructions to Ashkelon prohibit the gathering of more than 300 people. It is necessary to adhere to these guidelines that have proven to be life-saving, to be careful not to gather in arenas of falls – so we will preserve life.

Barzilai Hospital moves preemie ward to a fortified area 10:00AM
Officials in Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon report it has moved it preemie ward to a fortified area in light of the escalation in attacks, which have already reached the city.

Interior Minister orders ministry to make assisting rocket victims a priority 8:40AM
Interior Minister Aryeh Deri instructed Interior Ministry director-general, Mordechai Cohen, to coordinate with the Homefront Command regarding assistance in special equipment to local authorities and residents of the south.

Minister Deri told Interior Ministry officials that as special budgets are needed in light of the security situation in the south, he will work to transfer them in coordination with the Finance Ministry.

Minister Deri said in the morning: “My heart is with the residents of the south, who once again demonstrate a steadfast position and an exemplary discipline that enables the political echelon and the army to act optimally”

The following photos provide one with an idea of the extent of the property damage in cities like Ashkelon and Sderot.

The IAF is targeting a rocket-launching squad detected in northern Gaza.

The IDF warns against posting ‘fake news’ in any form on any format 8:12AM
The IDF is warning that it will prosecute anyone or agency posting fake news on social media or elsewhere in addition to persons posting video or photos of ongoing IDF activities, which compromises the safety of the troops and perhaps, an operation.

Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon update (7:00AM)
Since the beginning of resumed rocket fire on Sunday, the hospital has received 75 victims, with 61 listed in light condition, 12 victims of hysteria, 1 in moderate condition and one unknown person in serious condition with multisystem trauma. Seven have been admitted and four remain in the emergency room

The IDF Spokesman’s Office has released video footage of the attack on the Gaza Internal Security Headquarters located in the Rimal neighborhood. This is the third major Hamas target that has been hit during the night.

Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva update (6:50AM)
Officials in Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva reported on Wednesday morning that ten victims of rocket fire were treated, including the 19-year-solder who was seriously wounded in the anti-tank rocket attack on the bus. He is now in serious/stable condition following a night of lifesaving surgery. He remains in the general intensive care unit. A young woman with shrapnel injuries to a hand has been released and the other victims had light physical injuries as well as being treated for hysteria.

Hamas is becoming increasingly brazen
Hamas becomes increasingly brazen, releasing the video showing that if it wanted, it could have targeted the bus in the anti-tank rocket attack before the soldiers got off.

B’chasdei Hashem, this was not the case and while one soldier was seriously wounded, the outcome could have been unthinkable if the attack occurred with the 50 chareidi soldiers onboard.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. CEASEFIRE???????? What a joke? It’s about time to totally eradicate these Hamas savages once for all!!! How many more korbonos and destruction should Israel tolerate before they will FINALLY put a final blow and provide the Israeli citizens of the South their deserved quiet and menucha from the constant Hamas attacks????? A full blown response (more so than till now) must be forwarded to try to put a final end to the carnage!!!!

  2. This is the result of the Oslo “Peace” Accords, a terrorist entity that has evolved and grown to the point that eyes cannot be closed anymore to the threat. It’s time to take Gaza back. The Muslims living in Gaza must be contained under Israeli governship. Letting them continue their “governing” will create a bigger terrorism monster due to their tendency to violence and their feeling of entitlement to the entire Land of Israel.

  3. The Arabs burn our land, send in rockets, etc., and as always, as soon as Israel strikes back, they ask for a cease fire and Israel agrees every time. Are we normal?

  4. ok Im waiting for the isrealis to invent something to shoot at the rockets that cause the rocket to reverse course and land where it started…that would immediately end the rockets problem.

  5. If the govt. decided to go with a cease-fire, it’s almost 100% certain that this is the opinion of the Shabak, the Mossad, and all the other intelligence bodies. What the media — Israeli and foreign are reporting — is deliberately “cooked.” They are not revealing the full story. Everyone else, even the intrepid YWN readers, are not privy to all the information.
    See Mishlei 17:28.

  6. american_yerushalmi, the people in intelligence know what they are in for if they try to kill the dragon and that’s why they don’t want to start up with it. But the problem is that it’s not going away, it’s getting worse because every day, and every minute another potential terrorist is born. This will not die out on it’s own. It will simply grow bigger.

    Just because the intelligence agencies arrived at such conclusions does not mean it’s the right decision in the long run and neither is it fair to Israeli citizens suffering from continous aggression. I’m sure these agencies approved giving away land to the Fakestinians too and now Israel is in a worse situation than before.