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INCREDIBLE SCENE! Jews Stranded in Kiev Airport For 12+ Hours Held Sheva Brachos For Newlyweds [VIDEO]

As reported on YWN, over 100 Jewish travelers were stranded at the airport in Kiev, Ukraine for more than 12 hours on Monday.

Most of the passengers arrived from Tel Aviv at 8:30AM, but their Ukrainian Airlines flight to New York City was delayed until after midnight.

YWN obtained the attached footage on Tuesday, showing a truly remarkable scene. It appears, a newly married couple was among the group, and thus it was decided to throw an impromptu Sheva Brachos.

Chassidim, Litvaks and Jews of all backgrounds rejoiced in the simcha of the newly weds, who appear to be Israeli/Sephardi.

Mi K’amcha Yisrael!

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  1. Definitely worth being stranded in Kiev for 12 hours! such Ahavat Yisrael, just look at the pure joy on the faces of the young couple! kol hakovod to the participants.

  2. hml, I like you optimism, maybe I’m not on the same level as you, but to me it is definitely NOT worth being stranded with little food with elderly, pregnant, infants, toddlers travelers to make this Sheva Bracha. Yes, they brought joy to a Chosson and Kallah and yes, they ‘made’ lemonade’ from ‘lemons’ , but to say it’s definitely worth it… okay….
    I’d humbly suggest commenting that they definitely made remarkably positive use of the challenging and unfortunate situation they found themselves in, and wish that we should only see many more simchas without being stranded or rationing of few kosher food options

  3. This is the way it used to be as per Halocho:- If there happens to be a couple in their 1st 7 days and there happens to be a Minyan, then recite Sheva Berochos; But no Chiyuv to induce such a situation, except for the very 1st meal after the actual wedding.

  4. Strange degree of achdus in the CR on an issue, although TGI seems to have been upset by the achdus and felt obligated to introduce a very slight degree of musar about shabbos travel. Still, didn’t spoil the lemonade.

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