WOMEN PROTEST: Alleged Chareidi Girl in IDF Prison For 10+ Days; Women Protest Outside Induction Center


An alleged chareidi girl has been in military lockup for over ten days as the IDF wishes to induct her and she remains adamant in her refusal, Mendy Rizel of Kol Berama Radio reported on Wednesday morning. According to the report, the girl, Rivka Hadjadj, was arrested nine days earlier at Ben-Gurion International Airport despite the fact she attends a Chabad school and lives a chareidi lifestyle.

Her mother, Mrs. Simcha Hajiji, is quoted telling Noam Zeigman of Kol Berama Radio, that her daughter was arrested in the airport while she was with her, as they were planning to fly to Paris for a family simcha. “They put handcuffs on her and took her to lockup, telling us she is draft-dodging”.

The mother continued to explain, stating that a few years ago, one of her children suffered a stroke, which created a most difficult atmosphere among all the family members, and after consulting with the Chabad school where Rivka studied, it was decided to move her to a boarding school situation in Jerusalem, which sadly was accompanied by a decline in her religious observance. During that same time period, her photos were posted to Facebook, which is now being used against her by the IDF. The fact that she got over that difficult period and has returned to her frum lifestyle does not seem to interest anyone at the IDF.

Simcha insists that today, Rivka is “one hundred percent chareidi, a Chabadnik and she spent Tishrei at 770, but now, they insist on drafting her”.

The mother adds that she is given minimal time to speak on the phone from IDF Prison 6, and this is making the situation more difficult.

The IDF response: Rivka Hadjadj submitted a religious affidavit in July 2017. Following evidence that was found and presented to her, which indicated a false statement, she decided to withdraw the religious declaration and after the necessary procedures was placed for enlistment from the start of the process. Despite the waiver of the declaration, a few months later she applied again for an exemption on religious grounds. Her request was examined by the deputy commander of Meitav and denied, and it was decided that she was required to serve. She was arrested after she did not report to the service as required.”

Meanwhile, dozens of frum women protested outside the IDF Jerusalem Induction Center on Rashi Street for what they are calling the IDF’s “persecution” of girls of late. The women arrived with little ones in carriages, waiting for the head of the IDF Human Resources, Major-General Moti Almoz, who was in his office during the protest.

When Almoz exited, one woman shouted “Shmad Bnos Yisrael” at him, while another called out “Do total teshuvah!” and yet another, “You have blood on your hands”.

One of the protestors accused the military of “drafting young girls, 16-year-olds, and this is how you abuse your strength against girls, girls 16!”

At this point, Almoz left the scene waving to the demonstrators in peace. After a few minutes, the protestors dispersed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What difference does it make what her life style is? Forcing women into the military is an abomination and should be protested by any decent person. This is not a “religious” issue or a “women’s” issue but a human rights abuse of the worst sort. Israel and North Korea are the only countries that force women into the military. It is disgusting.