Six Har Habayis Activists Summoned For Questioning By Police


Six men were summoned for questioning by the ISA (Israel Security Agency/Shin Bet) under the guise of a police investigation.

Six young men who are active in the “Return to the Mountain” movement, Har Habayis activists, were summoned to a police investigation after they were arrested on a march held by the movement. When they arrived at the police station, they were surprised to learn that they were interrogated by the Shin Bet security service. Attorney Yossi Nadav, who represented them on behalf of Honenu, commented “This practice is unacceptable and prohibited and intended to bring a person against his will to a Shin Bet questioning session by intimidation”.

The six were summoned to a police investigation at the Kishleh station in Jerusalem after being arrested during a march held by the movement around Chanukah time. Even during telephone conversations with police representatives, they were told that this was a police investigation.

When the youths arrived at the station on the requested date, there was a delay entering into interrogation. The first man who entered the interrogation room was surprised to discover that a Shin Bet agent was waiting, not a policeman. When the man got up to leave, the agent was quoted saying, “you are not above the law”.

Attorney Yossi Nadav, who represented the young men on behalf of the organization, arrived at the station and wanted to talk to the Shin Bet agent, but He did not cooperate and left. After further clarification with the investigating officer, the others were told that they were free to go without any interrogation.

Nadav said, “My clients were summoned for interrogation at the Kishleh station, and I was told that my clients were not asked to come for interrogation, under the guise of summoning a police investigation.”

The activists explained they feel they were treated like “second class citizens” and police and the ISA would better spend their time dealing with Arab terror which is increasing daily and to permit activists to visit Har Habayis in line with their right as Jews…”

In another Har Habayis matter, Minister Uri Ariel, who is a kohen, visited Har Habayis on Monday morning, January 14, 2019, and he gives a bracha to security forces.

YWN NOTES: Gedolei Yisroel over the generations and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel prohibit visiting Har Habayis, which they explain carries the punishment of kares.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)