Hamas Increasing Hostility In Southern Israel Only To Pinnacle Shortly Before Election Day


Hamas is planning to continue increasing hostile actions in southern Israel until the April 9, 2019 Knesset elections, hoping this will increase the number of votes among those who believe a peace agreement must be hammered out between Israel and Hamas. According to the KAN 11 News report, Hamas is being extremely cautious not to tip the scales, which would result in an unwanted military conflict with Israel.

The report states that Hamas secret council has made the decision, to continue the gradual escalation in violent attacks against Israel, which is expected to reach its peak before elections, Arab affairs correspondent Gal Berger reported. The report explains that Hamas believes the period until elections provides a “Window of opportunity to achieve objectives” and this is why Hamas is planning the continued escalation in the south.

Hamas is uninterested in additional Israeli gestures and a reduction in restrictions the report points out, but wants real improvement, including an electric infrastructure to Gaza, water desalination plants, and more. Hamas leaders feel this is an ideal time to push the limit towards achieving these goals.

It is pointed out that Hamastine also borders Egypt, but interestingly, the pressure and hope for a better tomorrow is unilateral, only on Israel, with Hamas leaders aware Egypt is not interested in assisting and pressure will be of no value while hostility would result in the total closure of the Rafiach Crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)