Two Israel Police Officers Injured During High-Speed Chase in Elad [VIDEO]


Two police officers were injured during a high-speed chase in the city of Elad in central Israel. The chase took place after the officers recognized the car of a suspect from yesterday’s robbery that took place in the city.

The officers were stationed at the exit of the city and noticed the suspect’s car approaching. They decided to stop the car and attempt to apprehend the suspect. However, the suspect noticed them coming and took off at high speeds through the city.

During the chase, two police squad cars hit each other and the two drivers were lightly injured. They were transported to Beilinson hospital to receive medical care. During the incident, the suspect succeeded at fleeing from the scene. Following extensive searches in the area, he was found in a different location in the city.

The investigation is still undergoing as other suspects remain at large.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)