Israel Police Assist A Son To Reach His Dad Who Was In Mortal Danger In Time


Israel Police detectives assisted the son to reach his father in time, thereby saving his life.

During an initiated operation in Kafr Kara, Israel Police detectives noticed a vehicle that had traveled suspiciously inside the village. After the vehicle was stopped at the side of the road, the driver explained that he was hurrying to his father’s house, as he was in mortal danger.

The team of detectives did not delay and helped the driver to get to his father’s house quickly, using the siren in his vehicle.

When the detectives arrived at the house, they noticed that the father was unconscious. Police contacted Magen David Adom, and after receiving telephone instructions, they gave the father and his wife initial treatment and succeeded in reviving him.

Attached is a picture of the detectives and the family.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesman Unit)