ELIMINATED: Ariel Terrorist Killed in Firefight With IDF Troops


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After a two day manhunt, the Shin Bet and IDF Special Forces have killed the Palestinian terrorist wanted for murdering an IDF soldier and Israeli civilian at Ariel Junction this past Sunday.

According to Arab media, dozens of IDF Special Forces surrounded a home in an Arab Village (Abwein) near Ramallah, where the suspect was reportedly hiding.

Ma’an News says the IDF surrounded the building, ordering the terrorist to come out. After refusing orders, power to the structure and area was cut off. Troops then opened fire at the building, while threatening to demolish the entire structure.

Palestinian terrorist Omar Abu Leila, 19, was confirmed shot and killed after he opened fire at the troops.

No Israelis were injured in the operation.

Palestinian terrorist Omar Abu Leila, 19

The official PA news site Wafa says heavy clashes broke out around the home as Security Forces arrived. Palestinians were reportedly wounded and transported to the hospital in Ramallah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised his forces, saying that “the long arm of Israel will reach anyone who harms our citizens and soldiers.”

Israeli man seen handing out cake in the streets of Jerusalem upon hearing reports the IDF had killed the Palestinian terrorist

According to Israeli authorities, Abu Laila fatally stabbed 19-year-old IDF Lt. Gal Keidan HY”D at the Ariel junction, grabbed the soldier’s gun and opened fire at passing vehicles, hitting Rabbi Achiad Ettinger HY”D, 47, before stealing a vehicle and fleeing the scene.

Rabbi Ettinger, a father of 12 from Yishuv Eli, reportedly ran towards the terrorist, firing four bullets in an attempt to neutralize him, until the terrorist’s bullets critically wounded him. He succumbed to his wounds on Monday.

The terrorist then drove to the nearby Gitai junction, where he opened fire again, wounding soldier Alexander Dvorsky. He then fled on foot into the nearby village of Burqin.

Meanwhile, Doctors at Petach Tikvah’s Beilinson Hospital report an improvement in the condition of an IDF soldier seriously wounded in the attack.

19-year-old Alex Duvorsky was listed in “very serious life-threatening condition” on Monday, but has reportedly regained consciousness and is also breathing without the assistance of a mechanical respirator on Tuesday. The medical team now lists his condition as “moderate-to-serious” and he is no longer in life-threatening danger.

IDF soldier Alex Duvorsky

A family member told Walla News that he is communicating with his surroundings and understands what occurred and his condition.

Please continue to daven for Alexander ben Galina b’soch shaar cholei yisroel.

PM Netanyahu paid a Shiva call to the Ettinger family on Tuesday, telling the bereaved family he would attempt to legislate the death penalty for terrorists in Israel.

“It’s not promising, it’s not promising,” he added, according to footage from the visit.

Netanyahu said: “The shock is enormous. From what I have heard about Achiad, he was an amazing person, a man of valor with nobility of soul. The pain over your loss is immense; I understand how deep it is. It is a shock to the entire people”

PM Netanyahu Pays Condolence Call to the Family of Rabbi Achiad Ettinger in Eli

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HEARTBREAKING – VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Over 1,000 #Israelis gathered in Yishuv Eli on Monday for the Levaya of Rav Achiad Ettinger H"YD, hours after he succumbed to wounds he sustained a day earlier in a terror attack at the nearby Ariel Junction. . Hespeidim were delivered by, among others, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, the Rav of the Eli, and several of the 47-year-old’s 12 children. . Many highlighted Rav Ettinger’s final decision to confront the terrorist after being shot, rather than fleeing the scene. . Held up by her newly widowed mother, one of Rav Ettinger’s older daughters, Efrat, said that she had learned at her father’s bedside that “you had quite a few students, who also called you ‘Dad’ and are not ready for you to stop raising them.” . “How could it be that someone who brought so much life into the world is no longer here to live with us,” she added, sobbing. . “The evil terrorist thought he was ending a life, but he had no idea how much life and power you left on this earth that we and the entire nation of Israel will use to grow and carry on.”

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Undated photo of Rabbi Achiad Ettinger H”YD (L) with some of his 12 children, who range in age from 1 to 21

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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  2. These terrorists Y’Shmom are STUPID as well as evil. He could have surrendered, enjoyed his free meals in an Israeli prison, and then get freed as a ‘hero’ in another dumb ‘prisoner exchange’……