PM Netanyahu’s Son Avner Taken To Hospital & Since Discharged


Avner Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, felt ill on Tuesday night and went to Beilinson Hospital where he underwent medical tests.

Netanyahu, the father, heard of this during his victory in the Likud party victory that took place at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center. The prime minister left the area and rushed to the hospital.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said that “a short time ago, the son of Prime Minister Avner Netanyahu arrived at Beilinson Hospital after he was not feeling well, and Avner is in good condition and is undergoing a number of routine examinations.”

The young Netanyahu was hospitalized overnight for observation, and he was released on Wednesday morning.

It should be noted that Avner Netanyahu travelled abroad and returned to Israel before the elections in order to support his father.

In an announcement he published on Instagram on Election Day, Avner Netanyahu wrote: “No matter what the day is, I love him and most proud of him in the world, and every time I am in shock again, as if asking him, what do you need all of this? I think you all know that my life would have been a little more comfortable if he had chosen that path, but that question never really comes out because I see the dedication, he has a responsibility, he has a state to manage, and he has the responsibility in every sense of the word.

“I am proud of him for the last 10 years, in which I know that he did and led the country together with the Likud to so many good things,” Avner wrote. “I am proud of all the other public functions he has done successfully, and I am proud of the 24 years he raised me and all his 69 years … I love him, and I go out to vote for him not from hatred or fear of the other possibility, but I believe in Benjamin Netanyahu and I want another four successful years like this. Elections are so not fun.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)