Jerusalem – Ben Gurion High Speed Trains Cancelled Due to Technical Failure


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Due to a mechanical malfunction of one of the railway switches on the tracks between Jerusalem and Ben Gurion Airport, Israel-Railways cancelled two trains that were scheduled to depart for Jerusalem to Ben Gurion and vice-versa.

The switch, located near Ben Gurion airport, is responsible for switching trains from one track to another and is responsible for making sure that trains don’t collide while passing one another.

A delay of 20 minutes was noted on the line for additional trains before service was resumed.

The trains departing at 6:31 from Ben Gurion and 6:30 from Jerusalem were cancelled outright.

Regular service resumed for the scheduled 7:00 p.m. trains.

A Spokesperson for Israel-Railways said: “We have fixed the problem that caused the malfunction and we apologize to the passengers for the delay and the issues caused therein.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)