Israel: A Shul with Derech Eretz


daven2.jpgRealizing the dangers associated with motorists stopping on shoulders of a highway to daven mincha as the sun begins setting, a number of rabbonim have taken action to rectify the situation.

Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg of Chabad and Migdal HaEmek Chief Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Grossman Shlita are working together with Kvish 6’s (Yitzchak Rabin Highway) Derech Eretz Co. officials towards building a shul in the major parking/service center of the highway located between the Baka and I’ron Exits.

The road was a difficult one Kvish 6 (Derech Eretz Company) officials report, but a temporary building was set into place and this week, the first mincha minyan was held. Rav Rosenberg has accepted the responsibility for being the shaliach who will maintain the shul, which he says will operate round-the-clock. He has already placed a seforim library inside the shul too. Derech Eretz CEO Udi Savion is pleased with the new shul, admitting he was pleased to have played a role in setting it up.

Rav Grossman was pleased, adding it is wonderful considering how many tefilos we need driving on the road and this is definitely a plus.

Kvish 6 officials also promise to place signs on the highway informing travelers how many kilometers to the next shul in the hope of motorists abandoning the dangerous habit of davening on the shoulders of the highway.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)