PEACE PLAN: America’s “Deal Of The Century” Won’t Be Revealed Before Shavuos


US Special Advisor to the Mideast Jason Greenblatt has confirmed that the America’s ‘Deal of the Century’ will not be released before the end of the month of Ramadan, the formation of a new Israeli government, and Shavuos. Greenblatt has been working on it with Jared Kushner, the plan’s lead architect, and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman for the last two years. This means the earliest the plan will be publicized will be on June 10th.

Greenblatt stated the agreement will address core issues, including political and economic matters.

“The plan will be revealed in its time,” he added. “One thing we won’t do, the Trump administration won’t compromise on Israel’s security,” he told Fox News.

Asked about the Palestinian leadership’s decision to dismiss the deal before even seeing it — its U.N. ambassador called it “dead on arrival” — Greenblatt maintained that he was “hopeful for the sake of the Palestinian people that they get a chance to see it.”

“It’s terribly frustrating for ordinary Palestinians. I meet with them frequently, and this is the message they tell me. They understand they may not like aspects of the plan but are upset that their leaders are saying they won’t even take a look at it. I feel terrible for the Palestinian people.”

Despite the negative echo from its leadership, Greenblatt said he hoped the Palestinian Authority would be engaged in a professional and constructive way, “and help us cross the finish line.”

“But of course it is their choice to continue on the road of rejection at the expense of everyday Palestinians,” he said. “If they fail to engage constructively and professionally to see if a deal can be reached then shame on them.”

Greenblatt said the plan deals with all the core issues, and despite what critics have said without even having seen it, it covers both political and economic fronts.

Greenblatt said it’s “false to say that it’s only an economic plan. It’s both political and economic. Once everyone has read and given their thoughts on it, there is still a long way to go before a final signing agreement, and that will be up to the parties themselves to negotiate.”

Addressing a UN meeting last week in which Israel was once again condemned, Greenblatt appeared as a surprise speaker, stating, “It’s outrageous to hold a meeting like this without addressing the attacks on Israel. This from a body who would not condemn Hamas several months ago.”

The special envoy also pointed out the problem in the region is Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, not Israel, citing Israel is once again from another round of Hamas rocket fire.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)