Bnei Brak: 5-Year-Old Boy Collecting Wood For Lag B’Omer Injured By Protruding Nail


A 5-year-old boy from Bnei Brak arrived at the emergency room of Schneider Children’s Hospital on Sunday morning with a piece of lumber nailed to his hand.

The boy, it turned out, had collected planks for Lag B’Omer when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his hand, a shocking sight: a rusty nail stuck in one of the planks – stuck in the back of his hand, coming out of the other side of his small hand.

The boy’s parents rushed him to the emergency room at Schneider Children’s Hospital, where doctors removed the nail from his hand and treated him against infection including a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

The mother of the child said, “I ask the parents to look after the little children while collecting planks and warn them against such situations.”

Prof. Yechezkel Weissman, director of the Emergency Medicine Department at Schneider, warns that when collecting planks, it is important to avoid collecting planks with metals and nails so that such cases do not occur.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. While we are discussing Log B’Omer fires, may I also add that care should be taken not to burn “press wood” or “particle board”. This is sawdust or wood chips combined with glue and pressed together to form boards. Burning this releases toxic chemicals. Much of the furniture and cabinets in E”Y is made of particle board.