WATCH THIS! Mexican Jew Shows Up in Meah Shearim, Gives Out ONE MILLION SHEKELS to Random People


Lucky Meah Shearim residents received donations totalling nearly one million Shekel in cash on Monday, from a totally anonymous person.

Sources tell YWN that an individual – a Jew from Mexico – arrived in Meah Shearim and began handing out envelopes stuffed with cash. Some of the envelopes had Euros inside, some had Shekels and some had American dollars.

One person who was handed an envelope told the anonymous philanthropist to come to “Batei Ungarim” where he would show him how poor the community is, and how he can give the money directly to the families.

The anonymous man and his wife accompanied this Meah Shearim resident to the homes, where he proceeded to give out nearly 100 envelopes before leaving the neighborhood.

VIDEO & PHOTOS BELOW BY שלומי הלר – כל העיר | ירושלים

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. this is what meah shearim really is about!

    when they act like they are meant to be ( like they usually do) , then they make a great kiddush hashem which causes people to shower money on them.

  2. His wife is with him…check the video.
    If this woman was to walk into Meah Shearim any other day, she would (literally) be spat upon, cursed out, have filthy diapers thrown at her etc.

    But for a few shekel… everything changes.

    What a sick bunch of fakers

  3. rachmonoh libah boey – the innocence of a temimusdige yid is precious – bnei avrohom beyerushah rachmonim…gomlei chasodim
    pure hatovoh no kavod no ulterior motive rak leheitiv lechrini

  4. Bulldozer, your disgusting. Do you even personally know anybody who lives in Meah Shearim? How can you just judge a whole community like that?

  5. The amount of negativity here is insane. Some of you guys are the biggest sonei yisrael on the planet. Yes, some people in MS are maniacs, and everyone has their faults, but the visceral hatred you display for your fellow jew is astounding. I think you hate them more than any other group of people in the world.

  6. For this yid this website is like cnn he didn’t buy all the fake news spewed daily here about them and went to check it out himself.

  7. What is with all the ripping on the Chareidim and Meah Shearim? Here is a good jew handing out money to people who can really use it. Whats with all the negativity and hatred? Why cant we just be happy about what happened? Why must we speak lashon hara on the Charedim of Meah Shearim?

  8. If this big bal tzedakah and tzaddik is reading this, please respond with your email address. Then I can send you my bank account information, and you can just send me money directly. Thank you!!

  9. Bulldozer, his wife is dressed pretty modestly — she could wear a dickey under the upper open part of her dress but no one gets upset by close enough trying to be modest.

  10. All: you’re forgetting that one of YWN’s main goals is to re-educate/re-program the Chareidi tzibur toward (what it sees as) less extremism. Meah Shearim is considered a primary symbol of that Chareidi extremism that needs to be removed from the collective Chareidi consciousness. Of course, only Chareidi extremism is problematic. Dati-leumi extremism is a welcome, star-studded assist to Klal Yisroel. But, that’s another shmuess.

  11. Bulldozer I wont add to the comments of your hatred it speaks for itself. I will add that when I walked through meah shearim with non Frum family members that were dressed in skirts but short sleeve low cut we had positive experiences of people very kindly and respectfully speaking to her about their modesty standards in their neighborhood. I was upset she said hey they are right, it’s their neibourhood. Shortly after that she became observant (just saying, not sure if any correlation)

  12. Great story:

    He obviously has great respect for the Meah Sheorim lifestyle, and isn’t judgemental towards them for being poor.

  13. Bulldozer: you must have been really hurt inside in order to post a comment like that. I feel for you and wish you only good things. I would like to give you a bracha that you learn to see the good in that which appears bad, but never the bad in what appears good

  14. buldozer is completly right if he wouldnt hav giv out mony, some dipicable fanatics would hav spit at her cursed and chased her away.