Stabbing Attack Prevented in Hebron Near Ma’aras Hamachpela


An Arab Woman was caught by border police officers carrying a knife and a Quran on her. She approached the border police officers at one of the checkpoints near the Ma’aras Hamachpelah in Hebron.

The officers, who were behind the protective barrier, asked the woman to stop and go through a routine check via a metal detector. The detector sounded and the officers prevented her from advancing and asked her to empty her bag.

The 22-year-old woman, a resident of Hebron, pulled out a knife from the bag and told the officers: “You have guns, I have a knife.” The woman was then apprehended by the officers who confiscated the knife. She was taken for questioning by the police. During the interrogation, the woman revealed that she had been planning to carry out a stabbing attack.

A spokesperson for the police force said: “Border patrol officers will continue in their vigilance throughout the year at the holy sites around Israel. They will protect these sites for peoples of all faiths to worship. This includes the month of Ramadan that we are currently in, during which our forces are at a higher state of alert and have additional backup with them.”


  1. Thank you to the Israeli Defense Forces and Hebron Jewish community. Over 700,000 people visit Hebron every year and it’s because the IDF and police can safely defuse incidents like this that they can do so.