Plane With Blown Tire Lands Safely At Ben Gurion After Going On Highest Emergency Level [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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Ben Gurion Airport was placed on its highest level of alert, Monday afternoon, as an Electra Air Boeing 737-400 from Germany with an exploded tire was making its way to the airport. The tire reportedly blew as the plane took off in Germany.

More than 100 MDA ambulances and emergency vehicles staged at the airport in a status known as “Emergency Condition 3”, as they awaited the flight with 152 people on board.

The plane made its way over the tower to check the tire., and Israel Air Force planes flew near the plane to inspect the wheel in question and report to the control tower.

Thankfully, the plane landed without incident.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I don t get why there are exactly the number of tires needed to land the plane. Anyone with aeronautical mechanical engineering knowledge who can explain why there aren’t 2 or 3 in tandem on each side? Think the fall- back design of an 18- wheeler.

  2. It depends on the planes size. A 737 is a relatively small plane at it has 2 wheels on each side. The An- 225 is a massive plane and has much more wheels (I think its over 30).
    Airlines only put on however many wheels are needed for safe operation, and no more.
    More wheels = more weight = more fuel = more money.


  3. There are two on each side. If one of them is damaged, no one can tell for certain how the remaining tire will react alone. Hence the abundance of caution.