IDF Preparing For A Ground Forces Incursion Into Gaza


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The commanders of the 401st Brigade in the IDF held a training exercise over a three-day period to prepare for a ground incursion into Gaza should the order be given for such an operation

The 401st Brigade, a standing army armored brigade, took part in special training exercises simulating warfare in Gaza following an IDF ground forces incursion.

After six months of operational activities, the brigade now begins training simulations. The brigade’s operations officer, Major Eliezer Abramowitz told the press an emphasis during the training was placed on the commanders. It was decided that the training would be held towards ensuring the brigade is as ready as possible for such a mission, should the order be given to enter Gaza.

According to Abramowitz, during an interview with Kikar Shabbos News, the brigade now stands ready, adding the training was to permit the troops to focus on what to do in such a situation, in this case, entering Gaza. “We are not the air force and we train ahead of war” the operations officer added.

According to Abramowitz, “The enemy is the enemy. A place from which they fire is an enemy target and this enemy will be hit. We learn to define the target of the enemy and how to conquer it, and of course a region and a place that is sensitive has additional restrictions. But once this location becomes an enemy target, this area become a place from which we fight”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)