10-Year-Old Bedouin Child Struck & Killed By Falling Tree In Israel Amusement Park


A 10-year-old bedouin child was killed when he was struck by a tree in the Kiryat Gat area of Israel. The incident occurred in Action Park during a camp trip. According to a United Hatzalah EMT who was on the scene, the child was gravely injured by the tree and died of the massive injuries a short time after.

It is reported by a Lachish district police spokesman that a large branch from the tree broke off and fell, striking the child.

United Hatzalah EMT Yanki Weinberg explained to the media that the child sustained severe multisystem trauma and there was nothing to be done to save him.

He was named by media as Salman Naif Jabarin, from the small Bedouin community of al-Fura in the northeastern Negev.

ZAKA assisted in cleaning up the remains for burial.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)