TRAGEDY IN MODI’IN ILLIT: Infant Dies After Being Left In Parked Car


A six-month-old infant was R”L Niftar on Monday after he was left in a parked vehicle for a number of hours in the Green Park neighborhood of Modi’in Illit.

United Hatzalah and MDA rushed to the scene and began CPR along with advanced life support measures and the child was transported to a hospital in critical condition, where he was pronounced dead R”L.

The incident took place on Chazon Ish Street in the Green Park neighborhood in the chareidi city. According to a Kikar Shabbos News report, the child’s mother, who lives outside the city, was the one who found her son in critical condition.

United Hatzalah’s Psychtrauma and Crisis Response Unit was dispatched to help the family members cope with the emotional turmoil resulting from the incident.

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United Hatzalah’s Spokesperson’s Department issued a statement: “We ask that parents always follow the safety procedures regarding vehicles and infants in cars. Never leave an infant or small child unattended in a car, not even for a second and always make sure that no one is left in a vehicle by themselves when leaving the car. It is recommended that pedestrians keep an eye out for children inside parked cars, especially during the hot summer months, and if you see something please call for emergency help in an effort to avoid tragedies from occurring.”

YWN implores our readership, PLEASE watch the following videos to understand how dangerous it is to be inside a vehicle in the heat with the windows closed.

With the weather turning warmer in the coming summer months, remember a car can become a deadly trap in JUST A FEW MINUTES.

Waze has setting which will give you reminder to take your child out of the car when you arrive at your destination

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: MDA & United Hatzalah Spokesman Units)


  1. What a tragedy BD”E. It obviously happened for reasons beyond our comprehension but it is unbelievably sad. May we not know of more Tzaros, especially during this dangerous period of the 3 weeks.

    I see that YWN posted pictures of free child reminder apps as a way of Hishtadlus. There is another amazing system I just read about on TLS and purchased for my cars, called the Sensorsafe 2.0 by Evenflo’s sister company Cybex. It consists of a chest clip for the car seat and a receiver that plugs into the car’s OBD. It plays a reminder tune when the child is buckled and the engine is turned off. It also sends alarms on an app if the child unbuckles herself while driving, or if the car becomes too hot or too cold while the child is in the car seat. There are a few available on Ebay under Cybex Sensor Safe ($20 for the receiver and $20 per chest clip). Hoping it will one day be readily available in retail as a standalone product.

  2. no one is stupid enough to do it on purpose. Its time for legislation to require automakers/car seat makers to install automatic sensors (just like cars beep when you dont put on a seatbelt)

    99% of the time its a change in schedule (parent/caretaker doesn’t usually have the child at that time) & a sleeping child.

    While its great to remind people to check their cars before they leave, its not enough – humans are forgetful.

    Although I hate legislation – this is the right place for it!

  3. It’s not as if this has not happened before with the same warnings coming after. What possesses people, even without the warnings, to do such a thing to their precious child? How much common sense does a person need to know not to leave a child, or even an animal, in a hot car? Hashem yerachem

  4. What a tragedy! It’s unspeakable and unbelievable. I’d like to know if the parent remembered to bring in his/her cellphone, wallet/purse, lunch bag— but forgot the child? L’havdil, I’ve witnessed people leaving their Tallis and Tefillin in a sweltering car- no doubt that can completely damage everything. As unfortunate as it is to deliberately destroy a pair of Tefillin in an “oven”, at least it can be replace. Sadly, can’t say the same about human life.

  5. To Flatbusher: I hope nobody close to you ever has such a tragedy. You are so perfect? You certainly are judgmental and lacking in compassion for the parents who have to live with this tragedy.

  6. HML: Your response is despicable. A person doesn’t have to be half perfect to know not to leave a young child in a hot car. The parents of this poor child I guess in your eyes had tons of compassion. And before you speak, I have had my share of incidents in my life. ANd guess what? You are being judgmental of me.

  7. Just an interesting observation I made, all children that are left in cars are in car seats. When a child is not in a car seat the parents are more conscious about him. I’m not saying not to use car seats. I’m just saying car seats also have a con.