Porush: Coalition Negotiations With Likud Won’t Be Easy


Deputy Minister of Education (Yahadut Hatorah) Meir Porush held a series of working meetings with members of local authorities around Israel, with the subject being the potential strength of the chareidi voters.

The first meeting was held in Betar Illit with the participation of representatives of the city councils of Betar, Beit Shemesh, Givat Ze’ev and Tel Tzion.

Porush began with an explanation of the purpose of the meetings with local officials around the country. “We are meeting here today in the host city, Betar Illit, as representatives of local authorities from ‘Greater Jerusalem’ are present.

“This week, the final lists for the elections must be submitted, and the election campaign will then enter high gear. Therefore, I am out in the field to meet with our representatives. I do not plan to take vacation this year as I want to lay out our worries before you.

“No one knows what will be. These elections were forced upon us, but I am an optimist Jew, and if one takes all the votes from the traditional camp, and if they all come out and vote, then Netanyahu will be the one to assemble the next coalition government.

“In the coalition negotiations that followed the last elections, it was not easy for us. It is true that we were not [in the position] like the period of Lapid, when we should have demanded the repair of the terrible injustices, but there are many difficulties and more things that must be upheld and protected. I would like to mention special education – why a [chareidi] father of such a child is not supposed to receive the same for his son as a father of such a child in the general sector. The treasury people fight with us on this.

“The response to every request we made is that ‘there are no funds’, and ‘we must wait and see what is available to give’. Every one of us in Yahadut Hatorah felt bad. We were very far from being satisfied. In order to be strong in talks with Likud, we need to be strong.

“There are those who ask, ‘why do you have to be strong if it is not certain that you will receive eight mandates’. I answer that we must do our due diligence so that the maximum number of people get out and vote.

“We must protect the holy yeshivos and the institutions which are ‘unofficial but recognized’ [by state institutions]. All said and done, we asked for budgetary equality and for this, we must be strong so we may fight for it.

“Even when we spoke with them about housing, we are battling about something elementary, and even this they do not want to see us come to every place.

“Therefore, I am concerned. We need you to bring another success, even greater [than last time] so that we can stand firm with our demands.

“I do not care to elaborate, for doing so will only increase that which brought us to this situation – but it is clear to all that for 50, 60, and 70 years, there are things that are understood, and it is decided to give them to the chareidi tzibur, and there are those who address us with disdain, seeking to punish us, even regarding those matters that are certain, they seek to undermine us and therefore, we must do what we are compelled to do.

“Raise ideas towards implementation and bring goals towards maximum voting at the polls for Agudas Yisrael.

“Our tzibur is more homogeneous and the public knows that it listens and helps, so I turn to you and want your assistance, as the slogan we used to use says “the responsibility is demanding”.

Betar Illit Mayor Meir Rubinstein said “We succeeded with teamwork in Betar Illit to get on and we crossed the 12,000 vote barrier, representing an increase of several thousand votes. We worked hard here, and we have to preserve this. It has been a half year and we will do everything we can to preserve this and grow. We must be vigilant and exhaust our potential votes.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Yossi Deutsch added, “The last election there were those who tried to lead a position that the strongholds of [the] Shlomei Emunim [faction of Agudas Yisrael] would not supply the goods. I am happy to say that we stood proudly, that we were on the rise, not hundreds of votes, but thousands of votes. We have proved in every city that our numbers have given us a certificate of honor – it is our duty to preserve this. After such elections, we know what it means that each vote counts”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “The response to every request we made is that ‘there are no funds’, Dirty Liars, because no shortage of funds for a totally unnecessary 2nd election, caused simply because of Lieberman’s obstinacy.

  2. There’s no shortage of funds for vast, unnecessary, often destructive public works projects. Example: more than one-&-a-half billion shkalim spent for a luxurious new airport in Eilat designed to handle triple the number of passengers who fly there in a year — but its so far away from town that casino-goers just drive in from Tel Aviv. The domestic airlines have been eliminating flights steadily since this boondoggle opened.
    But when it comes to investing in special ed — & even for chareidi children . . .