Police Recommend Deputy Minister Yaakov Litzman Be Indicted


Editor’s Note: Some stories are simply very painful for YWN to report, but to ignore them are irresponsible and wrong. This story, as painful as it is to publish, has been the leading story in the Israeli news for the past few days – including on the leading Chareidi websites. The ramifications of the story can have have serious effects on the upcoming elections, as well as on many Mosdos Hatorah. It would be irresponsible on many levels to turn a blind eye to this story.

We therefore publish the following with a heavy heart:

Police are recommending a criminal indictment against Deputy Health Minister (Yahadut Hatorah) Yaakov Litzman for fraud, breach of trust and other alleged crimes.

Israel Police case 1452 has come to an end, and police are recommending the State Prosecutor file a criminal indictment against Litzman in two cases involving alleged bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

The main case is that Litzman is suspected of preventing the extradition of a woman wanted for 74 serious offenses in Australia. Police questioned Litzman in the case in February 2019, as reported by YWN-Israel. In his statement to the media, he explained his office assists countless people who turn to him and he is not aware of the details in her case and has no personal connection to her.

The case is being handled by Lahav 433, the Israel Police Major Crimes Unit. After the unit completed questioning Litzman and gathering evidence, the decision was made to recommend a criminal indictment. Police add the evidence also shows he abused the position of his office to advance matters, including this case, where he allegedly persuaded psychiatrists to write letters attesting to the woman’s mental state and inability to be extradited.

He also allegedly abused his authority to persuade authorities towards assisting a food company owned by relatives, which in this case entails preventing the closure due to the serious sanitary violations found which have resulted in the morbidity of a number of people eating its produce. The affair was titled “The food selling business affair”.

The Shas Party issued a statement defending Litzman.

“The Shas movement affirms its support of Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, a faithful public envoy who has dealt with requests from the public for decades and his left his door open to all,” says the party. “We are sure that his innocence will be proven and that justice will soon be revealed.”

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich of the United Right MK also defended Litzman:

Smotrich tweeted, “I do not know the investigation material in Litzman’s case. I do know him and his dedicated office as those who give a personal and wonderful response [to every person who approaches them for help], regardless of race or gender religion.

“The police statement [announcing their recommendation] appears to be another attempt to deprive public officials of the power to act, instead forcing the delegation to unelected bureaucrats, thereby delegitimizing intervention by elected officials.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Putting aside the facts of this case, which none of us know about, the reality is that he has acted in a blatantly political manner over and over in contradiction to the public health experts in the ministry. I don’t know the timing of his indictment and trial, but his replacement in the new government by a cabinet minister with expertise in the public health field would be a real positive for all sides. Kol hakovod to YWN editors for providing this timely report in an objective and factual manner without “spin” and providing the dissenting views of his political allies.

  2. Unfortunately, whether our community wishes to acknowledge it or not, it has been an open secret in Eretz Yisrael – how the Gerrer Chassidus – including Minister Litzman – have protected pedophiles for years. It will be interesting to see how this plays out – given Litzman’s prominent position, the strength of the Gerrer community and the importance of the Chareidi vote for Bibi’s chances in the upcoming election

  3. Whatever the case is Israeli Police cannot be trusted and are beyond hypocrites
    If the ruling would come from the AG it would be another thing

  4. After all is said and done, Litzman has advocated and protected abusers, and is unworthy of his position. This does not mean he has not accomplished much for the community. He deserves credit for many things. However, when someone uses his power for dishonesty, and has succeeded in protecting criminals from their deserved consequences, all at the expense of potential victims, he should not be able to retain that power. It was abused. Dishonesty is not a virtue, and should have no place in public office.

    Concurrent to whatever is doled out to Litzman, the Israeli government needs to extradite Mondrowitz and Leifer back to their countries to face their trials. Impeding justice undermines the ability to trust government, and jeopardizes everyone’s safety.

  5. i would like lakewhut and RRR to leave their wives, daughters and granddaughters in the care of Mrs. Leifer with no police from the trefene medinah allowed to interfere. hope they appreciate the tzadeket.

  6. In הלכה only after בית דין ears from ‘עדים וכו can someone be חייב. In American law one is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But in the court of opinions on YWN, as per above comments, this man is as guilty as El Chapo! Kudos to YWN for again bringing out the worst in us! And during the 9 days to add reverence.

  7. “The police statement [announcing their recommendation] appears to be another attempt to deprive public officials of the power to act, instead forcing the delegation to unelected bureaucrats, thereby delegitimizing intervention by elected officials.

    This is the major point here. The bureaucracy, with the open collusion of the judiciary, is waging war against the very concept of democratic government, seeking to take all real power into its hands, and to require the ministers it supposedly works for to rubber-stamp its decisions. This must be resisted.

  8. I have a lot to say to all of you who posted these dirty comments, but its a waste of time, my words wont help and change you anymore, it’s a lost case. So I will be silent. כשם שמצוה לומר דבר הנשמע כך מצוה שלא לומר דבר שאינו נשמע, וד”ל

  9. Yaapchik:

    A bissel saichel, please. I have not pronounced this woman guilty. Nor did I claim that Mondrowitz is guilty. I’m not the judge, and there is a justice system. These people are choshud, and there is more than raglayim ledovor. All I ask is for impartial judgment to take place. I will defer the beis din vs. secular court issue. But the interference here has been to insure protection and to block justice from being done. Neither of these chashudim even has the opportunity to prove their innocence.

    Meanwhile, there have been quite a few reports of continued accusations against both of these alleged pedophiles. There is a safety factor here, and that requires intervention by anyone with the capability and the moral values. It is dishonest and unfair to block extradition, and doing so via falsification of professional material is a serious thing. You seem to attack these comments regarding the lashon horah factor, but neglect the safety factor for the children of Klal Yisroel. That is the same bein odom lachaveiro, and might even be more serious as it reaches the level of pikuach nefesh.