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Netanyahu: “On Shabbos, Avner and I learn Parsha, Haftorah, Pirkei Avos, Sara is Mafrish Challah”

Netanyahu surprised the crowd at a religious Zionist conference in Givat Shmuel on Tuesday evening by beginning his speech with his religious practices rather than the expected political commentary, according to a Kikar Shabbat report. He described how he spends Shabbos in his home: “Toward noon on Shabbos, I learn with my son Avner. We put kippahs on our heads and we read the Parsha, Haftorah and Pirkei Avos.”

Perhaps noticing skeptical looks in his audience, Netanyahu continued by adding, “Well, sure, that’s what he says here. No, it’s the truth. And when I want to delve further, I learn a few shiurim with Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.”

“I don’t need to tell you that Sara is mafrish challah,” Netanyahu continued. “She comes from a home where her father, my father-in-law Shmuel Ben-Artzi, was a Tanach scholar and teacher, her brothers were Tanach contest winners. This is what they absorbed in their home.”

“People ask me how I deal with everything, if I have a place I can get away from everything. I answer – yes, I have a seudas Shabbos with Sara and our sons. I get away from everything by [spending time with my] family, walking, and in most of my free time —and there isn’t much —I read.”

He continued his remarks by intertwining the role of religion in the Likud party. “I ask myself what the difference is between religious Zionism and Likud. And my answer is—nothing. Today the Likud is the home of religious Zionism, there’s no difference. The time has come for religious Zionism, which has already settled in the Likud, to see the Likud as its home. [Religous Zionism] should be part of the country’s leadership, not a fifth wheel, not its annex. It’s natural. It’s part of us. There’s no difference.”

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Bibi & Sara Netanyohu are צדיקים גמורים as were Menachem & Aliza Begin זצ”ל.
    שירבו כמותן בישראל so crucial and critical that Bibi Netanyahu merits to win the next election and get a coalition put together.

  2. Keep it up, someday you will be the shliach for a torahdig eretz israel. And biat hamashiach, geula shleimah and binyan beit hamikdash ,soon in our days

  3. This story brings to mind this gmara
    קידושין מט ע”ב. המקדש את האשה ע”מ שאני צדיק אפ’ אם הוא רשע גמור מקודשת חיישינן שמא הרהר תשובה בדעתו.

  4. Your great grand Parents were great Talmud Chochoms.You come from Royal Jewish Blood.Keep up the Learning and apply it to your Policies and you will get a great Right wing government Just remember the Enemy #1 is the evil,moronic,mental midget village idiot Chaser fresser bouncer Russian pig goy Liberman.Go after his voters ,promise pension from Ukraine and Russia ,Get statement from Putin and Ukraine that they do not want to deal with him.Shaked ,Smotrich are your brother and sister .Get Oztman QUIT GIVE Him a great Ministry. and you will have 35-36 seats Yamina 14-15 Charedim 16-17 even possible total69-70 seats ,possible.May Hashem Bless you and give the strengths and Wisdom and great fighting spirits to carry on the most Difficult
    Job on the earth.Please keep learning and Pray Tehillim 79/83/121/124/130/142 It will bring Miracles.I already bet$100. with my Israeli friend that the right will get Minimum
    64 seats

  5. Lol. This is the sakana with the Israeli political system. Yes, the Left, Meretz, etc. are the worst. But any of you fools who thinks for a second that Bibi has some sort of connection to yiddishkeit and the Torah are insane. The guy is an ochel niveilos utreifos, he’s mechallel yom kippur, and couldn’t give two hoots about religion. He’s a master politician and manages to make everyone think he loves us. How easily you forget what happened just a few years back, when he sold out all of religious jewry to join with lapid and further his career, playing a serious part in the destruction of Torah Jewry. A bunch of blinded fools. Obviously, we want him to win, but for that to somehow blossom into an affection and endorsement of him, you gotta be a moron.

  6. anyone aware of reality knows about lieberman’s sincere religious observance versus bibi’s tell them anything election inspired declarations of religiosity. in any case i prefer honest to bibi, deri and litzman

  7. Toi unfortunately is spot on … bibi is an excellent prime minister but poor in his religious observance and would sell us out in a heartbeat when it comes to his political survival

  8. Unfortunately, the Zionist leader is correct that Religious Zionism could be part of his rather secular political party, because both “secular” Zionism and “Religious Zionism” ascribe religious value to Zionism and the Zionist State.

    The essential differences between the two are:
    1. “Religious Zionism” also values the Torah, while “secular” Zionism does not
    2. At least in theory, “Religious Zionism” does not consider Zionism to be its most supreme value while “secular” Zionism does hold Zionism to be the absolutely most supreme value, certainly far greater than preserving/saving lives.

    That the Zionist leader could tell “Religious Zionist” Jews that he is just like them because he learns a little Tanach (for Zionist purposes, of course, not for Torah) and that his wife is mafrish challah, is both sad and telling (about what is “Religious Zionism”).

    He wouldn’t dream of trying this with chareidim because he knows they wouldn’t be all that impressed. Imagine a Jews for J member coming to a typical shomer Torah uMitzvos and telling him that they’re the same because he also goes to (his own house of worship and to) his bible study group. It’s the same thing here, only in this case, by the Zionists, it’s worse; by Jews for J, the guy is really a gentile, unlike the Zionist leader (never mind, as well, that Christianity is at least a theistic religion, as opposed to godless Zionism that jettisons the Torah for, liHavdil, Nationalism).

  9. Re: 147 my fellow American you have not only swallowed the hook, but also the sinker. “Toward noon on Shabbos, I learn with my son Avner. We put kippahs on our heads and we read the Parsha, Haftorah and Pirkei Avos.” Chutzpa to mention PM Menachem Begin in the same breath as Netanyahu. Menachem Begin had a minyan in the Presidents’ Residence every Shabbat with a Kiddush too. Menachem Begin unless there was a life and death situation was a Shomer Shabbat. Menachem Begin knew how to learn and the Gedolei Yisrael respected him. Towards noon on Shabbat morning Bibi is now learning with his younger son, so what happened to the morning hours with Shacharit & Musaf – cabinet meetings? What is the problem with wearing a kipa in the house not just for learning but when making a bracha over drink and food? Did he make Kiddush for Shabbat? He did this with Yair too who ended up dating a shikza while he was in college as there is a shortage of Jewish girls in Israel!!! Bibi & Sara are NOT Tzadikim Gemorim – he has found to be a liar as has she. You’ve been fooled and you’re a total fool. HaShem Yishmor Aleynu

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