Former PM Olmert Predicts a Third Round of Elections in Israel


Former prime minister Ehud Olmert, commented on the political situation on Wednesday, following this week’s election for 22nd Knesset. Olmert explained that he believes Israel will have to head to third elections.

Olmert on Wednesday spoke with Radio 103FM, stating he does not believe either side will succeed in forming a coalition government as the two large parties; Blue & White and Likud, are a seat apart, with either side unable to reach 61, the minimum number needed for a simple majority in Knesset.

“I won’t begin by saying ‘I told you so'” he began the interview saying, adding “Prime Minister Netanyahu will not be able to form a coalition of 61 as he suffered a major defeat. His behavior this past week was that of a desperate man who knows he is on the verge of an abyss and has no power to prevent it. His gaze, the storm that blew him, is a man in the ecstasy of despair”.

Olmert adds that whatever the case may be, he believes that Netanyahu will not be Israel’s next prime minister, and that “he lost, as he lost eight seats from the previous election. It is an incredible defeat, especially given the measures he took on election night, things that are in my worst nightmares. I did not think it would happen…”

He commented on a report by journalist Ben Caspit, citing Netanyahu “tried dragging the nation to war” in Gaza, without consulting with the security chiefs. One is reminded Mr. Netanyahu also serves as defense minister.

Olmert added that Ayelet Shaked was another big loser.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)