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SHIKSA GET OUT OF HERE: That Was Yelled At Female IDF Soldier Attending Rav Elbaz Slichos In Yerushalayim

Chareidi extremists who are tenaciously opposed to IDF service, tried to oust a number of soldiers who came to participate in slichos in Yeshivat Ohr HaChaim, but their effort failed.

The soldiers arrived to participate in slichos at the Yeshiva of HaGaon HaRav Reuven Elbaz Shlita, a member of the Shas party Moetzas Chachmei HaTorah. The yeshiva is located relatively close to Meah Shearim.

The incident occurred on Monday night, when three uniformed soldiers, including a female, headed towards the yeshiva to join the recitation of slichos. The extremists, who live nearby, and are unwilling to permit soldiers and tourists pass the area without intervening, began with shouts against the soldiers, to oust them from the area.

“Get out of here” and “shiksa” were among the shouts directed at the soldiers, particularly the female who was heading to slichos too.

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The commotion did not last long as people began shouting at the extremists who fled the area before police arrived on the scene. Passersby summoned the police.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

17 Responses

  1. A few points
    The pic of rav Elbaz has nothing to do w the story
    Headline should say a few meah Shearim clowns shout at Frum soldiers and run away
    Boring news

  2. These “extremists” were fortunate to have “fled” before the police arrived. Whatever your views of compulsory IDF service, a member of the IDF who comes to a shul for tefilah should be welcomed and shown respect. Kol hakovod to those in the shul who chased off these degenerates.

  3. Dear YWN,
    SHIKSA, get out of here!:that was yelled at a female soldier at….(rest is unnecessary) i add: so would i. we just lained the tochacha, how do you some that up?: SHIKSA, get out of here!!!
    imagine, a irreligious person walks into shul. HE WALKS INTO SHUL (wow, he means well!!). just instead of walking in by slichos, he walks in shabbos parshas ki savo morning by krias hatorah. let me tell you, it will be very offending.
    the headline reminds me of the slogans i see in june: elo-him loves everybody (lets hide the tochacha).

  4. Very strange story as there are literally dozens of soldiers and officers at this particular selichos every single night and that has been case the case for years. Rav Elbaz’s yeshiva has been in its current location for at least a decade and was in a nearby street for decades before the move. Who is looking to start up trouble now?

  5. While not condoning any screaming, I would like to “change the wording”.
    “Chareidim tenaciously opposed to serving in the IDF”??? How about we just state the obvious”?
    “Females serving in the IDF Is tenaciously opposed by our Torah”???!
    Any additional comment on this matter would be superfluous.

  6. “The commotion did not last long as people began shouting at the extremists who fled the area before police arrived on the scene. Passersby summoned the police”.

    Why do your headlines always have to be so negetive? Why can’t the story be “People shout down extremists who try to disrupt R’ Elbaz’s slichos”. Puts klal yisrael in much better light….

  7. I apologize for my last comment. I dont have to get worked up over every little thing. I am trying to work on myself to comment nicely on YWN. its hard to control myself being that my favorite word is “degenerates”.

  8. Miriam, what a lot of garbage.
    Here you have a girl who obviously comes from a background that sends their girls to the army, she has a chizuk somehow and comes along to daven selichos with hundreds of Baalei Teshuvah. You should be waiting outside and asking her for a beracha! You think shouting insults will make her want to come closer to Mitzvos? You’d rather she stays at home and watches a film? You have to start educating yourselves and your children to respect people and not judge them bacause they might have actually done more Teshuva theb you this year.

  9. if a femal soldier wants to say selichos it means she is yearning for spirituality. She is obviously ignorant of the derech hatorah and anyone shouting at her is making a big chilul Hashem, and putting out the spark that was ignited in her and driving her away! Who knows what damage they caused! This is so painful!

  10. Miriam: If you were truly serious, you would be commending these young men and women for coming to shul for selichos instead of trying to rationalize the disgusting behavior of a few zealots. We understand your disagreement with military service by women in the IDF, although many frum women have served honorably w/o the negative outcomes so typically invoked. They serve because they feel a need to share the burden of protecting their family, friends and all of klal yisroel.

  11. @ GH

    “They serve because they feel a need to share the burden of protecting their family, friends and all of klal yisroel.”

    And the sikrikim feel…whatever. Since when does how someone feels make a pig kosher? Your assessment of the lack of collateral damage resulting in females serving in the IDF notwithstanding, which Rabbonim allow it? I’m not talking about Shirut Liumi. Looks to me like both sides are tinokai sh’nishbu, we have Zionism and Sikrikism parading as Yidishkeit.

  12. Non-political: Not complicated at all. These young women choose to serve in the IDF and there also are several hundred rabbonim who serve in under Rav Ayal Karim in the Military Rabbanut. Their national service should be respected, even if you don’t agree with the shitah underlying their commitment and your dismissal of the members of Shirut Liumi as gullible tinokai sh’nishbu. In a democratic society their actions are lawful. These hooligans from nearby Meah Shearim are useless dredges on Israeli society who contribute nothing and are acting unlawfully. Your assertion of moral equivalence is misplaced.

  13. In uniform? So was she wearing trousers as she headed towards the yeshivah? Please explain why anyone should tolerate that? And when you answer this, please explain exactly what level of pritzus you would ‘accept’ until YOU deem it ‘fitting’ to try to prevent her from going into a yeshivah, and why…..

    ….Yeah yeah ‘protecting all our lives’…… in her trousers……

  14. Calling these cowardly thugs “degenerates” is actually polite. No need to apologize, I can come up with a few pejoratives that are less complimentary. See, education is never wasted.

  15. “‘Yeah yeah ‘protecting all our lives’…… in her trousers..”

    Reb Dons….so it should be know by all the police and security forces that if you are being attacked by a terrorist and a female officer/soldier is nearby, they should NOT intervene since you would rather be a korban than c’v have your life saved by a woman wearing TROUSERS….

  16. Gadolhawhatever- What a stupid comment… usual.
    Luckily for me the police and s’forces don’t care less about your comments (and nor does anyone else).
    If I saw a female soldier being attacked chas veSholom, I’ll pull out my gun (it’s a S and W MP9) and shoot the terrorist, and I expect anyone else with a gun do that for me. But Hashem is sending whatever shaliach He wants. Our Job is to do the rotzon Hashem.
    Women in the Israeli army was designed by apikorsim soley for pritzus- if you anything about the medinah I live in.
    And as expected -you couldn’t answer my question above- because according to you -you would let any level of pritzus into a yeshivah all the name of Ahavat Yisroel……
    So Yes… kick out all female soldiers from the army…

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