10,000s Expected in Hebron for Shabbos Chayei Sara


Tens of thousands of visitors will spend this coming Shabbos, Parshas Chayei Sara in Hebron as has become an annual tradition for years.

Part of the Shabbos experience will be Chabad Hebron’s giant tent, which is set up to accommodate the special guests. Persons who have not yet registered for the Shabbos are strongly advised to do so, online. There will also be walking tours, Carlebach davening in the Ma’aras HaMachpelah for Kabolas Shabbos and much more.

Persons coming to the holy city for Shabbos are also advised to leave additional time to arrive in time for Shabbos, and roads will be congested.

The Machpelah will be open exclusively to Jews over Shabbos, including Yitzchak Hall.

Information is available on the Hebron Jewish community’s English website.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)