Chareidi Couple from Ashdod Suspected of Selling Counterfeit Name Brand Watches


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A chareidi couple from Ashdod was arrested on suspicion of selling thousands of counterfeit name-brand watches.

According to the Israel News13 report filed by Almog Boker, police from the southern district’s fraud unit launched a clandestine investigation which lasted three weeks. The evidence in the case led investigators to the chareidi couple.

Police told News13 the business appears “totally authentic and they have all the required permits and paperwork. The watches sold are sold as being totally genuine.”

When police checked the couple’s home, they found 1,900 watches imported from China, amounting to a collective value of about NIS 1 million according to police estimates. Police explain that thousands of Israelis pay significant funds for name-brand watches when in fact, they are receiving a counterfeit.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I agree 100% (They’re not “Chareidi” in that case.) – STOP REFERRING TO AN ALLEGED GROUP of JEWS “CHAREDI” We are all Jews who received the Torah on Mt Sinai and we learn and strive to be Shomrei Torah!! So WHY THE LABELS ????? First of all “Innocent Until Proven Guilty !! This couple who are suspects, are they Chared Hashem ???? Oviously NOT!!! I am disgusted with this Labeling !!! Being that many people are not religious, we were once referred to as “Religious Jews !!! When did we start FOOLING ourselves by allowing to be referred to as CHAREDIM !!! What a Chilulll Hashem !!!

  2. Counterfeit consumer goods – watches, handbags, whatever – are sold all over the world by millions of people. Why is it newsworthy that two Israelis – Chareidi, Yeshivish, Litvish or Ticklish – are selling counterfeit consumer goods?

  3. Maybe we need a new adjective, like “chareidi-style,” to describe people who wear the outfit in public but behave anything but chareidi in private. Torah isn’t just a matter of how you dress, what you eat and where you daven. Let’s start calling out the difference in our daily speech to underline the fact that most people who dress chareidi really are chareidi.