Gafne Speaks of the Major ‘Sakona’ Facing the Chareidi Tzibur


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Addressing the motzei Shabbos Degel Hatorah gathering marking the second yahrzeit of Maran HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman ZT”L, 24 Kislev, Degel Hatorah Chairman MK Moshe Gafne spoke of the significant ‘sakona’ (danger) facing the chareidi tzibur today, adding “the house is burning”.

“We were under Maran’s leadership for years” began Gafne, adding “For him there was only Torah” and when they spoke to Maran about drafting bnei torah into the IDF, “one could see the sadness on his face”.

Gafne reminded participants of an address made by the Rosh Yeshiva in Ohr Yehuda, opening an election campaign, stating “the house is burning”, with the Rosh Yeshiva adding then “you do not realize the extent of the dangers we are facing”, with Gafne stating on motzei Shabbos, “this is the case today as well”.

As he concluded his address, Gafne added, “We are calling on Maran Rosh Yeshiva ZT”L that we will continue to battle and not to compromise even the most minute point. We will continue on the path that he taught us, and we will continue as Yaakov taught Yosef. We accept upon ourselves that the askan leadership will do its utmost to continue this path as we have been instructed by our rabbonim”.

The recent election polls that Yahadut Hatorah remains steady with 7 or 8 seats but the problem lies in the Likud, as Blue & White continues moving ahead and the gap between Blue & White and Likud is no longer a seat or two, but four seats, with Likud in second place.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)