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Boyaner Rebbe’s Recitation of ‘ויהי נעם’ Attributed with Averting Catastrophe

As is the minhag in some chassidic circles, ‘ויהי נעם’ is recited seven times when lighting the Chanukah menorah.

This story refers to the Boyaner Chassidus, a story that led to much excitement among chassidim, who explain that the Rebbe Shlita was participating in lighting the menorah in Yerushalayim. The rebbe did not recite ‘ויהי נעם’ seven times but began reciting it an eighth time. At first, most believed the rebbe erred in his count, but it soon became clear this was no error.

After the lighting, the rebbe addressed the khal, explaining the additional recitation. The rebbe explained this was connected to the miracles performed by HKBH not in accordance to the norm (טבע) but above the norm (טבע) and above our ability to understand.

The rebbe continued the evening lighting event, distributing ‘Chanukah gelt’ as is customary, and after he concluded, suddenly, a large beam fell from the tent direction onto the place where chassidim would exit when the lighting was completed. It is explained that if the rebbe’s addition ‘ויהי נעם’ was not recited, persons exiting the tent would have been under the area the beam fell, and the additional recitation saved them from injury.

The incident became the topic of discussion among many this past Shabbos, Shabbos Chanukah and Rosh Chodesh Teves.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Thank you YWN. I was desperately searching for some “good” news and this little story brought a brief respite from the seemingly non-stop darkness and depression.

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