WoW to Hold Kosel Slichos


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koselAfter over two decades of the monthly rosh chodesh battle at the Kosel, the Women of the Wall (WoW) organization is announcing its planned slichos event, set for September 1, 2013 at 22:00 at the Kosel.

The organization’s website stated a representative of WoW explained that the decision comes at a time where their cause is becoming a widespread movement. “Our core group has grown in recent months from about 50 participants to 200,” the group’s Shira Pruce, Director for Public Relations, said. “The women love being involved and meeting at the Kotel, so they’ve asked to start meeting more.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It’s difficult to justify why these women want to keep coming to the kotel.

    Perhaps they can start keeping mitzvahs and growing in observance.

    Can anyone from Aish Jerusalem who is reading this post contact WOW and convince them to take a class or organize a private class on September 1rst instead?

    Anyone? Theses women can do Teshuva and stop trying to cause machlokes.

    Any thoughts on the idea? Let’s reach out and bring these women back to Torah values, with some old fashioned deprogramming.

  2. These wall-nuts are just feminist agitators. They belong to deviant movements that don’t practice Judaism, ie: Reform, Conservative, reconstruction, deconstruction, etc.

    Many of them may have deep psychological problems and act them out by attending the gatherings. Many are female toayvahs married to other toayvahs and some of them are just plain nuts.

    They shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Kosel.

  3. Define—- Excellent idea. Maybe deep down they’re looking for spiritual meaning in their lives but don’t yet understand that it could be done so as not to offend the orthodox.

  4. What ‘two decade battle’? Until very recently there was no ‘battle’ with the WoW. And the fact that they are currently growing in numbers and popularity, after decades of complete anonymity, is a direct consequence of the decision to attack them.

    #1- Jews of all types come to the Kotel; so do goyim, for that matter. Only Satmars stay away.

  5. No doubt they will beseech Hashem for forgiveness as they recite the Selichos in Talleisim, sleeveless tank tops and short pants. Way to go WoW!

  6. #6 — Until recently there was no “battle” because these women were NOT ALLOWED to come to the Kosel plaza to daven by the Israeli government/ police. (They were supposed to use Robinson’s arch). They appealed the law and recently won their case in the Israeli Supreme Court, which is why they began being allowed to use the Kosel proper for the background to their prayers. It is a result of the Supreme Court ruling that this has become a more public and known battle. Get your facts straight before posting (why do I have the feeling that you don’t live here. . .?)

  7. Another terrible aspect, is the WOW’s( woman Off the wall)want for security forces to be on hand which takes away from the overall security by the Western Wall. They refuse to go without making their coming an event, which causes the IDF to focus their attention on them!( especially during the month of Ramadan where the security threat is higher)

  8. They were asked to push off the event bcz of this but they did not want to! egotistical I must say!
    They should take a lesson from the hundreds of Jews that come to the Western Wall NOT ONLY WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT OR THEY FEEL SAFE!( but rather bcz they want to pray to the Almighty in the closest possible way!) They should be a little more humble and go for the sake of praying not making a big deal out of things! ‘
    may the Almighty have mercy on them and help them come back to the authentic Judaism.

  9. During the month of Elul, the kotel is packed day and night.

    The WOW are agitators supported the reform movement and their only purpose is to break the monopoly of Halacha at the kotel. The reform movement is having a hard time B”H breaking into Israel. Even the most secular of secular citizens say, if I want to pray, it will be in a Orthodox shul.

    Their visit for selichot is just to get more media time. Harassing them, and name calling is not the answer because this just feeds them and the media..both love seeing haredi men being arrested.