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WATCH: Terrified Small Children Run For Cover As Balloon Terror Continues

Frightened kindergarten children ran for cover in Kiryat Gat when a cluster of explosive balloons was spotted over the kindergarten on Wednesday, Channel 13 News reported.

The children were playing outside when the balloon cluster appeared, forcing the teacher to quickly herd the frightened children back inside the kindergarten building.

Earlier on Wednesday, two clusters of balloons rigged with explosives landed in Israel, one in Sderot and the other in an agricultural field in the Merchavim Regional Council. Police sappers were called to the scene and neutralized the explosives.

Dozens of explosive balloons have been launched into Israel over the last two days, some of which exploded in the air, causing panic and shock among residents of Israel’s south. On Tuesday, explosive balloons exploded one after the other, with one cluster of balloons attached to a mortar rather than an explosive device. On Monday, nine explosive balloons landed in Israel.

“It’s impossible to live like this,” said one resident of the Gaza envelope area to Israeli media.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

2 Responses

  1. DECEITFUL CLICKBAIT TITLE as usual. The “terrified small children running for cover” do not exist in this video and were made up by YWN

    This article should be called “Concerned teachers try to bring oblivious happily-playing children inside as explosive balloon flies overhead”

    Even the title of the video by wallanews gets it more right than YWN. It translates: “The terrifying moments in a kindergarten as an explosive balloon passed in the sky and the teacher called all the children to come inside.”

    Perhaps Rabbi Hoffman would like to write an article on whether it is permitted for YWN to deceive their readers and waste their time in order to increase their ad revenue.

  2. I can not imagine why the IDF does not go in for the heads of the top Hamas leadership. The bombing of empty buildings has brought ZERO results.

    In Syria, the IDF seems OK with killing people, why not in Gaza?

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