Mazel Tov! “I Just Want To Hold Him” – 1st Israeli Woman With The Coronavirus To Give Birth Talks About Her Experience


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Roni, the 35-year-old Telzstone woman infected with the coronavirus who gave birth on Monday was interviewed for the first time by Army Radio on Tuesday morning.  

Roni described what occurred from the moment she realized she had been exposed to people who were subsequently diagnosed with the virus. “I said everything will be okay but I didn’t leave the house. On Motzei Shabbos I got the news – they were all infected, the parents and 5 children. I immediately called MDA and begged them to come check us because I’m in the 9th month.”  

The next day, on Sunday, she was evacuated by ambulance to the hospital alone except for the medical staff donned in protective equipment. No family members could accompany her.  

“They admitted me with an entire team and we entered an old operating room (which was converted into a delivery room). They had to equip the room – there was equipment there but some things didn’t work.”  

“When the baby (boy) arrived, I saw him for a few seconds, I managed to take two pictures and they immediately took him out outside. Zero contact.”  

The staff was worried that the baby caught the virus from Roni from the few seconds of contact before they whisked him away but Boruch Hashem the baby tested negative for the coronavirus.  

Currently, Roni and her baby, both in quarantine, are separated, but the medical staff is examining possibilities for the two to be united. “I just want to hold him,” said Roni. “I hope they find a solution.”  

Roni’s three older children at home were tested for the virus and they b’chasdei Hashem are not infected. 

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)