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Charedi Boy With Confirmed Corona Attends Yerushalayim Talmud Torah Sends Other Students, Staff Into Isolation

Special education schools in the Charedi world, as well as the rest of Israeli society, went back to school last week. In one Talmud Torah, Netivos Shlomo in Yerushalayim, it was discovered, that last week one of the students who attended classes was ill with the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Due to this student being ill with the virus, which seemingly he caught from his parents who were also recently diagnosed, the rest of the students in his group and part of the staff will need to go into home isolation for the next two weeks.

The Talmud Torah acted in complete compliance with the strict Health Ministry regulations and utilized a strategy of teaching in small groups. Thus, only the students who were in this boy’s direct group need to be placed in isolation.

After a brief investigation, it was revealed that the boy’s parents had signed a form declaring that their son was not ill.

The Health Ministry is now undertaking an epidemiological investigation into the boy’s recent whereabouts and those of his family members who are confirmed carriers. The school’s management is worried that due to the incident, the Health Ministry will close the Talmud Torah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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