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Attorney General Orders Investigation into Burning of New Testament

State Attorney General Menachem Mazuz has ordered a police investigation into last week’s incident in Holon during which copies of the new testament and other missionary materials were set ablaze in a public event. YWN reported the incident on May 20th [reported HERE on YWN]. Taking part in the event and possibly the main organizer was the city’s deputy mayor, attorney and rabbi, Uzi Aaron.

Mazuz turned to Israel Police Chief of Investigations Yonatan Daninu, requesting an investigation for possibly breaking law addressing religious sensitivities. (Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


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  1. It was in my opinion. BUT the missionary activity in Israel never gets any investigation???????? Aren’t they greaking the law by addressing religios sensitivty by coming to our land and distributing anti Jewish material. How many yidden in all the doros have been killed all because of….. Isn’t that anti sensitive religious etc……………..

  2. In order to protect our innocent uneducated fellow
    Yidden we MUST demonstrate azero-tolerance to this activity by the missionaries. Let them do their missionary work in the places where there is no religion,like in the uncivilized areas in Africa.

  3. B”H

    This is Israel today: Ignore the illegal activities of the missionaries and attack the religious Jews! They are worried about the religious sensitivities of everyone but Jews!

    I am so disgusted.

  4. “a law addressing religious sensitivities.”

    this law wasn’t in effect at the time of the abomination parade in the middle of Yerushalaim??

  5. Be sure to first and more aggressively investigate who shot the missile that hit the shul and threatened its Sefer Torah and other religious objects of True Holiness!

    And by the way, which is more deserving of police investigation – vandalizing Jewish graves or burning pieces of paper freely given over to Jews who wish to burn them?

  6. I guess the fact that the missionaries are soliciting Jews to abandon Yiddishkeit does not constitute an assault on “religious sensitivities” in the eyes of our good friend Attorney General Mazuz.

  7. That being said, whichever idiot decided that they would burn it in a public place or let out the word that they had been burned is naive beyond belief. it was obvious the press would draw parallels between this incident and burning of sifrei kodesh loi oileinu, despite the obvious differences.

    they should have “disposed” of them quietly, the missionaries have got too much supportive publicity as a result

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