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Police Demands for an Autopsy Results in Jerusalem Violence

5.jpg(Click on images) The scene was one of chaos and black acrid smoke at Kikar Shabbos during the afternoon hours on Wednesday. Commuters were compelled to get off of buses and out of taxi cabs near the center of town, and at the corner of Yechezkel and Shmuel HaNavi Streets as a result of the unrests, with local chareidi youths setting garbage receptacles ablaze and rolling them into the streets.

Most locals seemed quite upset at the act, shouting at the teenage yeshiva bochrim, who were setting the neighborhood ablaze while exhibiting a zealous demeanor.

A number of local shop owners who tried to intervene, pulling garbage receptacles out of the way of cars, were bullied by hoodlums, who decided the streets will remain closed despite causing significant hardship to many, as well as loss of business to local Geula and Meah Shearim merchants, not to mention the property damage and the aftermath which residents are forced to live with for some time until Jerusalem City Hall replaces the trash receptacles.

61.jpgThe reason given was this week’s tragic accident on Highway 6 which claimed the life of Dovid Willinger z”l, from Brazil. Police since Monday have not permitted his burial, insisting on an autopsy, not convinced the young man was killed in the vehicular accident. Apparently police seeing that a truck crushed the victim’s car was not enough to convince them that he died of his massive multi-trauma injuries.

During yesterday’s Jerusalem court hearing, the judge asked to see the photos from the accident scene.

Willinger z”l was a student at Machon Lev in Yerushalayim. He was killed on Highway 6 near the Baka el-Garbiye exit when a truck slammed into his vehicle, setting it ablaze. Dovid was unable to extricate himself from the burning vehicle and he was burned to death.

Making things worse, the police appeared in court on Wednesday and told the judge they have not yet been able to locate the photos of the scene. The court ruled the body will be held for another day until police present the photos.

All the pleading and intervention of ZAKA officials was for naught, with police insisting on performing an autopsy – despite the prolonged delay in the burial of the young victim z”l.

The news of yet another delay today, Wednesday, prompted the violence at Kikar Shabbos and the surrounding area.

On Lag B’Omer police also insisted on an autopsy of a young chareidi man who died of a heart attack on his way home from Meron. In that case, the intervention of northern area askanim was enough to get police to back off and permit his levaya after Shabbos.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel / Photos: Chadrei Chareidim)

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  1. How is it the Yeshiva world has photos of the scene, and the police and Judge do not. Why doesn’t Yeshiva World release the photos, so that this young Kapara can be properly buried!

  2. the land is being defiled by heretics, that is leftist liberal hellenists.
    baka el garbie exit – may I venture to say that the driver was possibly an israeli arab and they frequently use their vehicles to murder Jews, while at most spending few years in jail.
    May the victim’s levaya happen soon and may he rest in peace.
    May his krovim be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalaim.

  3. yissi/#1 – its not that the police don’t have it. They are using everything in their power to delay the burial so they could defile the meis and halacha by forcing an autopsy.

  4. Does Israel’s medical community yet have one of the new whole-body scanning systems discussed in the news in the past 2 years?

    Would those opposed to the desecration of an autopsy permit such an x-ray or other imaging system, if it would preserve enough information that authorities could agree that it is sufficient for burial?

    But still if the police lost the photos, why should that delay burial?

    Without photos what reasonable indication of any theory for how the man died other than as the article describes is needed?

    Did the truck driver give any statements consistent with the article’s description? Would he give a stronger statement if allowed him to feel less guilty for delaying the burial?

  5. im skeptical about this the one sided report of the streets in geulah….bullied…hoodlums…
    do u have eidim ne’emanim to this??

    If burning garbage in the st. is the only way to stop the bizayon hameis then it just may be permitted & desired -yes even by rabonim -although they can not say so publicly. theres a place for true kanoim.
    i know this goes against the “american” “tolerance” way of seeing things but often daas torah is that way .
    also the american [even frum] mentality often doesnt get it-that things work differently in israel i.e. there may be no other choice in this case.
    also, what would u say if the niftar was ch”v ur son/brother etc.

  6. I was today in Geulah and saw the burnings at Kikar Shabbos. There were no beatings or any wild behavior. It’s the Israeli way of saying “We’re mad” by burning garbages.
    Since no busses were coming through, I sat into a taxi. You should’ve heard this chiloni rant and rave against the chareidim. I tried explaining the severity of autopsies, but he wouldn’t listen. What could we do? We’re in galus.

  7. Eli Lev, if such antics are “permitted & desierd-yes even by rabonim-” why were those rabbonim not the ones to light the first fire? Or have those great chachomim and tzadikim, in their great and unlimited mercy compassion and Torah true ahavas Yisroel, conferred the great z’chus of doing so and getting arrested upon the youth of Jerusalem? I’m pretty sure that if such things were allowed, the rabbis would have participated in it. That they didn’t is very telling.

  8. Two wrongs don’t make a right. A well attended peacful demonstration would go a long way without inflaming animosity. If that would not help then it would make more sense to do something radical.

    #7 What you are saying is quite farfetched. If the police themselves did not say that then why are you justifying their despicable actions? Give me a break!

  9. #5 Chavrusa O Maesusa

    They actually so have it, and Rabbonim keep begging them to accept in in place of an autopsy because it doesn’t go against halacha. The Israeli gov. insists that an autopsy is still better.

  10. The left-wing Police in Israel are Jew-haters, as is wel-known.

    They love to stick it to the Chareidim, as they once told my son: “Get off the street corner.”


    “Because we hate you!”

  11. #10
    wow! forgive me but u are being so naieve!

    for lack of time -bkitsur!
    the rabbanim [behind the scenes] are also using deplomacy at the same time. they also need to keep [somewhat] good p.r. for the future.
    speak [privately] to any respected askan in ur area & he’ll be able to help u out.

  12. Just out of curiousity: Is blocking traffic in kikar shabbos the same as sharpton deceiding to stop all traffic in NYC? Or maybe its different, because right NOW the yidden need something done(releasing the body) as opposed to sharpton, who is stam a teapaish, and thinks he knows more details than a jury and the officers were guilty. Just a thought.

  13. actually the same thing just happened in london, when the police/coroner refused to release a 2-year old yiddishe girl’s body, and the levayah was pushed off for a few days because of the autopsey.

    What can we do besides daven more etc.??

  14. “Police Demands for an Autopsy Results in Jerusalem Violence.”

    Correction: “Batlanim with Nowhere To Go and Nothing To Do Results in Jerusalem Violence.”

  15. #15, in your dream world, how do the rabbanim tell the kids to go comit crimes without anyone knowing it is they who do so? After all, there is the chance that one of those hoodlums might offer up the rabbonim as part of a plea bargain. Get a life.

  16. Hafganos should be assured unless there is an established rav will to take part.

    There should be an organisation (think misaskim) that organise hafganos in a responsible manner. I’m serious, we have gemachim for just about everything so why not an organisation who can organise protests properly – arrange placards, alert the police in advance so as not to antagonise, arrange barriers and security, make sure neither the police not the protesters get out of hand, alert the press. It might take away the fun, but perhaps that’s the point.

    The press will always report a hafganah, it’s just a question of who’s side they take. The nuisance angle is more interesting so proper organisation would get the message across.

    Any takers?

  17. To Eli Lev,
    Clearly you have no understanding of what impact these dispicable actions have on the average charedi residents of the area and of the P.R. results to the rest of the Jews in Israel. You try to tell us how things work different in Israel than in America. Thanks for stating the obvious, however, no reputable Rav would give permission act this way. By the way, where do you live? Think about it for a second ( which you obviously didn’t bother to do) One is upset about policies of the Israeli police….. lets burn down our OWN NEIGHBORHOOD !!!!! That is the most absurd of all thinking. Several times I have been on a bus returning to Yeshivah in Ramot and there was a “Hafganah” (Read – excuse for teenagers to burn and destroy property) it caused me to be late, and sometimes miss altogether night seder!!!!!
    Why should bittul Torah be allowed becaused a bunch of Hoodlums feel the need to burn trash cans and destrupt traffic?? I assume that you can answer that since you are privy to everything and know it all. And what about the Chilul Hashem that is caused by such actions? would you like to pasken on that too? I guess my point is – if you don’t know the RAMIFICATIONS OF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING…KEEP QUIET.

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