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YWN Eretz Yisrael Morning News Roundup – 6/03/08

yw logo1.jpg(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel 7:00AM IL)


*4 Arabs arrested on Monday night after attacking marchers in Jerusalem Day Flag Parade in the Old City with rocks and bottles. No injuries were reported.

*3 new PA police stations opening in Jenin District on Tuesday morning.

*IDF soldiers involved in counter-terror operations throughout Yehuda and Shomron on Monday night arrested five suspects in Chevron, Qalqilye and Bet Lechem areas. No injuries were reported.

*Rocks hurled at bus traveling near Luban el-Sharqiya in Shomron, near Yishuv Eli, on Monday morning. No injuries. Damage reported.

*Gunfire directed at IDF bulldozers operating near Sufah Crossing. No injuries.

*Mortar shells fired at IDF near Gaza border. No injuries.

*Rocks hurled at a bus near Hawarah in the Tapuach Junction area of Shomron.

*3 Israeli Arabs in custody for plotting to kidnap and kill IDF soldier.

*Terrorists fired at the Gaza border near Kissufim during the early afternoon. Soldiers returned fire.

*A border police officer sustained light injuries from glass shards when Arabs hurled rocks at a patrol jeep near Kalandia, on Jerusalem’s northern border.


*UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed serious concerns regarding Israel’s ongoing construction in portions of Jerusalem, calling such a move a violation of international law. He referred to new building tenders in many Jerusalem neighborhoods liberated in the June 1967 Six Day War.

*Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday spoke with US presidential candidates McCain and Obama, discussing the Iranian nuclear threat and other issues. Both candidates reiterated America’s commitment to Israel’s continued security.

*Prime Minister Ehud Olmert scheduled to arrive in Washington on Tuesday.

*Remains belonging to 5 IDF soldiers identified by forensic experts in Abu Kabir Forensic Institute.

*PA: Hamas will take action against 38 policemen for failing to take proper action to prevent civilian deaths in a November rally in Gaza in which 7 people were killed and over 100 injured.

*UTJ faction met in Knesset with representatives of talmedei torah in urgent session after Education Ministry set new guidelines demanding they renew their license annually.

*Presidential candidate John McCain: Threats against Israel are large and growing.

*A parole board on Monday approved cutting one-third from Omri Sharon’s seven-month jail sentence as is customary for good behavior. He will be released in three weeks.

*The Knesset House Committee on Monday approved the split in the Pensioners Party.

*Health Ministry permits Tel Aviv residents to drink water without boiling. Towards the end of last week, area residents were advised to boil water.

*Former Minister Tommy Yosef Lapid was laid to rest on Monday afternoon. A teary-eyed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert eulogized his dear friend, calling him a “dear friend”.

*Shakib Shanan was sworn into office as the newest Labor MK, replacing Dr. Ephraim Sneh who resigned from the party last week.

*“A Corrupt PM Has No Mandate” read signs of dozens of protestors outside the prime minister’s official Jerusalem residence as he met PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) on Monday afternoon.

*A Bedouin man in 20s was critically wounded by a blast on a firing range. He was transported to the trauma unit of Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva.

*200,000 people have signed an Israeli Arab petition calling for an independent investigation into the October 2000 riots in the Israeli Arab sector that left 12 civilians dead.

*Downtown Yerushalayim was closed off late Monday afternoon and early evening for the annual Flag Parade marking Yom Yerushalayim. Tens of thousands of youths participated, marching down Jaffe Street, making their way to the Kosel.

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