Draft Committee Approves Fewer Hours Limud for Avreichim


idffDuring a session of the Shaked Committee setting the new chareidi draft law in place on Tuesday, 4 Cheshvan 5774, chareidi lawmakers requested cutting the minimum hours an avreich must learn. MKs Moshe Gafne and Meir Porush explained the Tal Law compelled avreichim in kollel, those learning full time and are married, are compelled to study a minimum of 45 hours weekly. They requested cutting the minimum criteria to 35-37 hours. The committee approved a 5 hour/weekly cut to 40. Those talmidim who are not married must continue 45 hours weekly.

Opponents question both the committee and the chareidim, citing chareidi lawmakers portray avreichim as being moser nefesh for limud Torah, and now that are seeking fewer hours limud daily. They have received a four hour/week reduction but they were seeking to cut their hours of Torah study by 10 hours weekly. Opponents including the Hiddush organization point out “we now see the true face” of the chareidim and their representatives, who cried to avoid drafting avreichim because they are immersed in daily limud.

Labor MK Amar Bar-Lev however surprised many with his approval, for he explains the committee is not competing with the former Tal Law, but is seeking a working formula that will result in a military that will truly be one of all the people. He added that as a committee member he is working to induct chareidim and not to make life for those not serving more difficult.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. In other words they are looking to cut the protection that their learning provides to E”Y by about 20%. No, no, E”Y cannot afford to have its’ protection cut at all.

  2. Let me understand this:

    The average chareidi family has 7-8 children.
    The child allowances have been cut by two-thirds.

    Kollel stipends have also been cut two-thirds.

    But the Kollel father of eight is not permitted to go to work a few hours a day to feed and clothe his eight children.

    The Shevet Levi who served hashem was well taken care of, getting a tenth of all the fruits of everone’s labor. That’s why they could afford to spend 24/7 serving Hashem.

    The israeli Government has set up a catch-22. If you commit to learning, we won’t give you enough to exist, and you can’t help yourself either.


  3. Torahso amunano: what does this mean and what did it mean?

    NOW: It means that you are registered in a Kollel and get a stipend and that you do not work legally.

    THEN: It meant that your every free moment your mind brings you back to your learning even if you work.

    TODAYS avraich is a merely a shadow of what he should be. But that is what we have when we judge people by their hats, coats white shirts and the fact that they sit and learn drink coffee tea and shmooze too much.

    I saw this (THEN)in one of the commentators in the back of the gemora and I do not remember who said it. Can some one help me?