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Israel’s Health Ministry Goes To War Against Fake News About Coronavirus Vaccine

Just days before the Coronavirus vaccine operation is about to begin in earnest in Israel, The Health Ministry is going to war against people spreading fake news regarding the vaccines and the supposed dangers of taking them. The Health Ministry has made several statements over the course of the past few days explaining just how serious they take this issue. The Ministry isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to finding those who propagate and spread false information about the vaccine.

As part of the aggressive stance the Ministry has taken on this issue, high-level officials have enlisted the help of the police and the cyber-division of the Attorney General’s Office to open a criminal case against the perpetrators. According to a report that was published on the Kan news network, the Health Ministry has already filed a series of complaints against suspected perpetrators who are spreading false information about the vaccine online. According to the Ministry, these people are attempting to spread fear and panic among the population.

On Wednesday morning, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein spoke about those spreading the false news. “My main challenge now is to combat the fake news that has been disseminated over the past few weeks and continues to be spread. Over the course of the year, I have seen all sorts of people, including Knesset members, spreading fake news on the ‘dangers of vaccines,’ and calling on people not to be vaccinated. These people don’t have an ounce of responsibility – nor do they have a conscience, it seems.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. If both sides believe they are sharing the truth then there must be a gap of information which should be looked into regarding vaccines! People will stand up for what they believe.

  2. Here’s a recent quote from Edelstein posted right here on TYW:

    “Being vaccinated is not an obligation – it wasn’t and won’t be. Being vaccinated is a right. It is my duty as health minister to ensure that we’ll have enough vaccines for all Israelis. If you want to vaccinate, then vaccinate and if you don’t want to vaccinate, don’t vaccinate.”

  3. It is somewhat understandable that those whose worldview revolves around the feeling that science is more than theory, and is not secondary in any true regard to Torah, would say that any independent, untainted vaccine or other research (for instance, independent research about 5G or other EMF dangers) is ‘fake news’. We don’t really expect more from those educated without Torah and in the seat of commercially-sponsored university chairs, departments and even entire institutions. However, there is a plethora of independent research showing tremendous reasons to doubt not only the efficacy, but also the safety of every one of the current Covid vaccines. Vaccines are big business, and lackluster research is plentiful. Most of us in the free world have been blessed with the right to refuse vaccines. Therefore, let’s choose wisely.

  4. He has totally lost his mind! Exactly what law is being violated by those challenging the government’s propaganda? This is the same hysteria we saw from him a few weeks ago when someone made public the contract between the government and Pfizer. He called it a “serious crime.” Informing the public that if anyone is harmed or killed by this experimental vaccine no one is responsible for the damage is to him a serious crime!!

    The reality is that the vaccine has not been approved by any agency in the world. It has only been given emergency approval due to extraordinary circumstances. The CEO of Pfizer was interviewed and asked directly about possible side effects. His answer was clear. They do not know what possible side effect there could be. Why? Because unlike every other vaccine ever developed, this one was a rush job. It normally take five to ten years to develop and test a vaccine before it is approved. May do not make the grade and are dropped. This one was pulled out of the hat in nine months!! Nine months and with no significant safety study or longevity study.

    It is the truthful presentation of the experimental nature of this vaccine and the unknown risks it posses that Edelstein wants to suppress. Why??

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