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Israel To Provide Vaccines For Holocaust Survivors Throughout The World

Israel’s Diaspora Affairs Ministry is launching an initiative to assist in providing vaccinations against the coronavirus to every Holocaust survivor throughout the world, Israel Hayom reported on Tuesday.

Diaspora Affairs Minister Omer Yankelevich (Blue and White) has tasked the Shalom Corps’ organization, a global Jewish volunteer network established by the Diaspora Ministry and the Jewish Agency, with coordinating the bureaucratic and logistic efforts required to ship vaccine doses around the world.

The Diaspora Ministry is also coordinating with the Health Ministry in an effort to gain assistance from Pfizer and Moderna. Both biotechs have Jews in top positions, including Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and Moderna CMO Dr. Tal Zachs, who is also Israeli.

The plan calls for the distribution of vaccines at centers around the world as well as the coordination of special teams to vaccinate survivors who are homebound.

The ministry is seeking donations from Jewish philanthropists to assist in funding the operation and is aiming to purchase additional vaccine doses rather than dipping into Israel’s supply of vaccines for its citizens.

“In a time of a severe global crisis due to the pandemic, we have the privilege to contribute to the Holocaust survivors who endured the Nazi inferno and thanks to their courage, managed to protect the embers of Yahadus,” Yankelevitch said to Israel Hayom.

“We have the merit to provide them with protection against the coronavirus. This is an ethical imperative that every Jew should have – to make sure that they never walk alone.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. What is this publicity stunt all about? All over 80’s are getting the vaccine pretty soon, all over the world anyway! Or are there some corners where the vaccines have yet to arrive?

  2. Davidthekanoi

    Dan Lecaf zchus.

    Israel, b’h, is managing to roll out the vaccine much faster then a lot of places.
    Just because places theoretically open up the line to seniors doesn’t mean it will happen so quickly. Locations are booked everywhere. It can take hours and days and tons of calls to even hope to get on a list.
    Furthermore, in the U.S., they’re not publicizing properly how to access the vaccine. It’s heavily dependent on online access which in the more senior population is likely more minimal.
    Israel has b’h handled this so beautifully, even calling seniors to give them info (yes!!).
    It’s wonderful they are looking out for these survivors. B’h!!

  3. Considering all the damage the Zionists did during the Holocaust, this token gesture is the least they could do.

    But, of course, the Israelis are doing so only to further their fake image as the leader of Jews world-wide when, of course, they are really just Zionist imposters who have done incalculable damage to Jews. The Zionists represent nobody except themselves, and certainly not the Jewish people.

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