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As Israel Begins Vaccinating 35 & Over, Health Official Says Children Must Be Vaccinated

A senior Israeli health official said on Wednesday that following a surge of virus cases among children, vaccinating them must be a priority in order to reach herd immunity, Ynet reported.

Health officials say that the highly infectious British and South African variants are behind the increased morbidity rate in children and teenagers. Furthermore, although most children are asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms, there has been a rise in young seriously ill patients.

The rapid spread of the new variants among children is a worldwide phenomenon. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that new variants “spread faster among children rather than the elderly.”

“We noticed increased infection among children,” said Dr. David Greenberg, head of the pediatric unit at Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva and member of the Health Ministry’s vaccinations committee and infectious disease department.

“The new variants spread deeper into the population. Until children are vaccinated, we will not reach herd immunity, it’s a consensus in the [medical] field.”

Two of Israel’s Kupot Cholim, Meuchedet and Clalit, announced on Wednesday that anyone 35 or older can now be vaccinated.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. American frontline doctors have advised strongly against 20-50 year olds because of unknown possibilities of sterility or damaging the womb.
    They have advised AGAINST vaccinating children.
    Why not use IVERMECTIN ZINC and doxycycline? It has a 100% success rate with FLCCC (see their website) and NIH finally removed a negative advisory earlier this month!

  2. The orthodox medical consensus is vaccine-industry sponsored. Vaccine patent-holders benefit from every vaccination given and they control much of the research and even the government advisements. These are all highly experimental vaccines and their ill effects won’t be known for quite some time. Have faith, eat nutrient-dense foods, keep a proper lifestyle and advise others in a similar way.

    Additionally, vaccine science is and always was theory–and quite imperfect. It has been thanks to hucksters and commercial marketing that their science has made as many inroads into society that it has. Essentially though it is useless, politically motivated–and harmful.

  3. This is not even a vaccine, it’s a genetic modification product. It is experimental and untested. But try to explain that to an israeli health official.

  4. To the YWN editors: It would be helpful if anyone posting medical advice, e.g., Yisroelbotoxen, also posted his/her medical credentials, or disclaimed any medical expertise. I do that sometimes, and I will try to follow the brilliant advice I just gave you. And fyi, I have no medical expertise.

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