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SEE THE DAMAGE: Extremist Vandals Wreak Destruction On Jerusalem Light Rail [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

As part of the ongoing protests against the construction of a light rail line on Rechov Bar Ilan in Jerusalem, Chareidi extremists heavily damaged a light rail station and the light rail itself on Rechov Shivtei Yisrael in Jerusalem.

The vandals also placed an obstacle on the train tracks, halting traffic until it could be removed.

Citypass, the company that operates the light rail, stated: “Heavy damage was caused to the light rail by a group of violent protesters who rioted in the area of the Shivtei Yisrael station.”

“The vandals smashed the windows of the station and the train, poured concrete on the tracks and threw paint on the train itself, endangering the frightened passengers.”

“Citypass strongly condemns the violent attacks and vandalism and calls to the police to bring the full weight of the law against the rioters.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. When you raise a generation of youth with no skills or real Torah, this is what you get. So, so sad. Now you can understand why it’s so important for them to keep their “educational” systems open, even at the risk of endangering their health or my health. The youth and young adults they’ve raised MUST have structure or else they so whacko and destroy public and private property. If they were taught about גניבה they would never do this. But when their leaders encourage this type of behavior, there’s nothing you can do about it. The “Charedi” MK’s will scream how they’re being persecuted. How it’s only the extermists. How the police are heavy handed. They make fools of themselves. פני הדור כפני הכלב.

  2. The chareidim have a point. They dint want immodest females passing by in this train in religious areas. So too they don’t want the Arabs passing by either. Every community wants to be safe and sound just as the upper west siders are upset on the homeless being dropped in hotels in their community. If they made special trains that have no windows so that the immodest clad females are not seen that could be a solution. Also they can run a special chareidi train with separate seating that does local stops in religious areas. The express trains could be for those not frum. Simple solution.

  3. What insanity would lead them to oppose a new public transit option? Most chareidi families do not own their own cars and presumably rely on buses and trains to get around yerushalayim. What am I missing.

  4. with cameras everywhere, police ought to go door to door and apprehend these hoodlums. Their punishment might include banishment from the state. these hoodlums and the RZ hoodlums might need a vacation in Gaza.

  5. Why dignify these gangsters by calling them extremist’s,no, they are nothing but ignorant savages hoodlums and gangsters, they need to be given long prison sentences,and their parents made to pay for all damages,
    And most of all those so called rabbis and roshei yeshivas who encourage these gangsters , need to be arrested and given long prison sentences

  6. This is fake news.
    A group of not-chareidi, secular kids caused a lot of damage.
    They were dumb enough to wear the same sweatshirts and were recently caught by police.
    Plenty of videos of these guys w/o a kipa etc (one is wearing a chabad yarmulka w/tzizis but short pants, teenage chareidim dont wear shorts, he was obviously trying to give the appearance he’s chareidi but doesnt know how).
    Time for the apologies.

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