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2 Wins For Shabbos: El Al’s Sun D’Or Halts Shabbos Flights, Rami Levy Says Israir Won’t Fly On Shabbos

El Al subsidiary Sun D’Or International Airlines is halting flights on Shabbos, Globes reported last week.

Although El Al doesn’t operate flights on Shabbos, until now its subsidiary Sun D’Or regularly flew charter flights on Shabbos. But according to the report, in recent days tourist agencies trying to book packages with Sun D’or  that include Shabbos flights have been informed that a change of policy regarding Shabbos flights has been implemented.

The new policy is not surprising considering the acquisition of El Al by a frum Jew, Eli Rozenberg, in September.

Furthermore, Israir Airlines was also recently acquired by Israeli supermarket mogul Rami Levy, who is Shomer Shabbos.

Levy’s acquisition of Israir for NIS 162 million was recently approved by the Tel Aviv District Court.

Last week, Levy told The Marker that Israir will not operate on Shabbos under his ownership. “Anyone who wants to fly on Shabbat can do so at another company,” he said, “not at my company.”

That leaves Arkia Airlines as the only Israeli airline operating flights on Shabbos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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