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PURIM TRAGEDY: Chareidi Man Killed After Arab Tries Getting Away From Angry Crowd In Meah Shearim

The end of a joyous Purim Meshulash in Yerushalayim ended in tragedy, as a 47-year-old man was struck and killed by a vehicle, Sunday night.

According to the latest information, it appears that a group of youngsters had blocked Shivtei Yisroel Street, and were harassing cars and blocking the road. Sources tell YWN that the group were specifically targeting Arab drivers, and were captured on video throwing bottles and stones at their vehicles.

Eventually, the group attacked an Arab driving a shuttle bus. Viral video footage shows the crowd broke his mirror and were attacking his vehicle. A crowd eventually surrounded his vehicle, and eye witnesses say they attempted to light his car on fire and smash a bottle on the drivers head. It appears that this prompted the the driver to floor the gas pedal, fatally striking a pedestrian.

The victim was rushed to Hadassah Hospital, where he was R”L Niftar.

The driver managed to get out of his vehicle and run away on foot. He was apprehended by Police, and was being questioned by authorities.

Additional information will be published when it becomes available to us.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The mob had forced his door open and was in the process of lynching him when he lurched forward to escape.
    Self defense defined.

  2. An eyewitness account confirmed by surveillance videos:

    The Arab was driving down a one way street the wrong way and banging up cars. Locals tried to stop him. He kept slamming on the gas and ramming into cars. Eventually a group stood in front of the car and one youth, thinking this was another car terror attack, forced open the door to attack the Arab driver and get him to stop. At that point the Arab stepped on the gas and headed towards the crowd at full speed. One 40 year old stood in front of the crowd with his hands up towards the driver motioning him to stop. The driver paid no attention and crushed him to death. His hand was still raised while his head was crushed. The rest of the crowd managed to escape at the last moment.

    The Arab escaped the scene, police searched for him until he showed up and turned himself in.

    The Hospital who’s name was written in the van said that the Arab was not a driver for the hospital, and falsely used their name.

    The Arab is still under arrest insisting he was attacked by a mob and lost control.

    Israeli leftist anti-religious media, together with Israel police quickly jump on the opportunity to paint a false picture against Haredim. Sadly, other media sources have no way of receiving the facts and are forced to repeat the misleading information they are fed.

  3. Correction:

    I shouldn’t say they have “have no way of receiving the facts”, rather they choose not to spend the effort looking for the facts.

    As news reporting nowadays does not exist anymore. Instead of sending a reporter to the scene and questioning eyewitness, or even calling the police and asking for an official statement as to the results of the initial investigation, media websites would much rather copy and paste whatever biased, agenda driven, propaganda, fake news they can get a hand on. This saves them time and money, and why not? They can get in a flashy headline in the process regardless of whether it’s based on truth. This is online media business today and it shouldn’t surprise us.

    What does repeatedly surprise me is how the readers swallow everything they are fed and quickly judge and spew out hateful remarks and accusations based on the false reporting. “Who needs investigation just lock up all those wild charedy kids. Certainly the Arab acted correctly, he was obviously acting in self defense, why are the police still holding him? Do the police not read the headlines? Certainly Israel is a terrible place, why would anyone make Aliyah?”

    Those kind of comments make me sick. And it happens every time.

  4. “Israeli leftist anti-religious media, together with Israel police quickly jump on the opportunity to paint a false picture against Haredim” and in the UK the Israel-Britain organisation are collecting to stop hatred and bias against Israel – first stop the Anti-Chareidy hatred then try to stop the Anti-Israel one!

  5. I don’t know if it’s emea but the reid is that the man who was killed r”l was the main suspect of a murder investigation from a couple of months ago where a homeless person in the meah shearim area was murdered. Maybe. But for sure יש דין ויש דיין and nothing happens ever without Hakadosh Boruch Hu ordering it personally.

  6. Having lived in that neighborhood and had to deal with Shuvu banim hooligans first hand I would be very surprised if things happened the way bis_boy said it did. It is possible, but it’s more probable that they were just throwing rocks at cars because I have seen them do that very often for no apparent reason

  7. 1. to BisBoy Thank you
    2. to Baltimore
    You need to read a book called “The other side of the story”
    Author Rebbetzin Samet
    Your words may one day come back to haunt you.

  8. BisBoy: You are telling us that these brave Yidden were trying to apprehend an Arab driver who was driving the wrong way on a one-way street and banging up other cars. They were “thinking this was another car terror attack”.

    Surely many of them must have made emergency calls to police as soon as they suspected a terror attack! At the very least, they surely must have reported a wild dangerous driver! Was that the case?!

    And surely these heroes trying to prevent a criminal driver and potential terrorist, must have been cautious to approach! These heroes were placing themselves in serious danger and must have hesitated from engaging with the Arab! Is that what the videos show?!

    Who is spreading a false picture here?!

  9. Every single one of these animals needs to be locked in a cage. You cannot claim to be a nation that respects justice and then let these violent criminals go free. They are all guilty of manslaughter.

    I wish there was a way to help this Arab man and his family through this, and let them know that these animals are inhuman monsters.

  10. Leaving aside the question of whether this happened the way it is told by BisBoy, even if for the sake of argument it happened the way it is told in this article, it is no different than when so-called White Supremacist vehicles were (as clearly caught on video) physically attacked and mobbed by so-called anti-racist protestors in the U.S. The driver in the latter case (who was just trying to get away to save himself – which is clearly obvious from video) was held responsible (in every way, including criminally) for any incident, damage or death of a rioter.

  11. Regarding the comments by BisBoy, a video that claims to show the event appears to show (cannot be certain because of the angle) that a yellow van was driving in the opposite direction of all visible cars in the video. And the video further shows the streets were packed like sardines with revelers – but nothing that could be deemed a riot.

  12. @Shoin @chareidi_amiti @Yankelle @Kach @hmuel26 @Rebbitzen_Goldenpickanicerscreenname @PianomanOrlando

    None of us here, who only know if this incident from having read it in this or similar articles, know for certain what actually happened. But if the choices are between what the article says that the Arab guy claims, or the eyewitness and claimed surveillance video that @BisBoy cites, then please allow me to remind you of something you may care about…

    Rambam, Sefer Hamitzvot, Mitzvos Aseh 177:
    The source of this commandment is G‑d’s statement, “Judge your people fairly.” [Vayikra 19:5] This mitzvah includes the law that one is required to judge one’s fellow favorably, and to explain his words and actions only in a good and kind way.

    Also Rambam, in his peirush to Avos [1:6]
    And judge every man to the side of merit: This refers to when you are unsure about a certain individual whether or not he is righteous or wicked, and you witness him doing an act or saying something that may be interpreted as either good or bad. In such a case, judge favorably and do not think he is doing something wrong.

    (paraphrasing:) In the case of a supposed good individual, even if it takes great mental gymnastics to construe the action as positive, one has an obligation to do so. In the case of a known sinner on the other hand, even if the perception is that a certain action is good, one should not be swayed to think that this individual is doing something positive, and must judge him unfavorably.

    The Mishneh Berurah paskens like this l’halachah [156:4]:
    Our Sages, of blessed memory, said with reference to [Vayikra 19:15] “With justice you shall judge your fellow” that one must judge his fellow favorably. See Shabbos 127a,b. Someone who suspects the upright of having acted improperly will suffer bodily. [Yoma 19b]

    So, if you claim to be a follower of Judaism, you may wish to re-think your opinion until we know otherwise.

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